Monday, June 13, 2011

File Sharing Websites Blocked!~

At last, my final exam for this semester is over! Hehehe~ Really need a holiday now. I was too busy before and now I'm continued my blogging here. Sorry guys for no new post for almost two months.

As for this semester break, I planned to download my favorite Super Sentai and Kamen Rider episodes. If you guys want to know where is the website that I've always download those episodes, visit That website hosted many episodes of those series. But for my surprise, our own Government had blocked some file hosting and file sharing websites recently! The reason of the blocking action was those websites had sharing medias that can lead to piracy. Here is the list of the websites that had been blocked by our Government :-

In my opinion, our Government shouldn't block those websites. Our Government should act more to those porn websites than this. Why? Because Malaysia had been seen as the Developed Islamic Country by the Saudi Arabia. (Click here for info) So, why a Developed Islamic Country didn't block those porn websites? What a shame.

P/S :- Many work and projects to be done this semester break, time to earn money!


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