Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Best Friends~

YEAH! My exam for today was settled! Hehehehe~ :D Not so difficult, but still challenging. Now, tomorrow's Objective Paper is left in my Core Subject Final Exam. Huh, feeling impatient to finishing this semester. Really need a long holiday. Ohh, I'm missing my best friends at KL already now. Missing my time hanging out together with them.

Maybe you guys wondering who were my best friends that always hanging out with me at KL. So I'll introduces them to you all here. :)

Name : Muhammad Farhan Bin Bador
Nickname : Master 'Lawyer' Jiraiya
Info : Joker, smart talker, modest, simple person with complicated mind, natural genius (no doubt about it), like History and politic so much, shy-shy cat (but don't play-play, cat can become a lion!) and sporting person.

Name : Muhammad Nu'man Bin Zainuddin
Nickname : Man 'Brader' Ensem
Info : Silent and modest one, always smiling, simple and humble, caring, helpful, a little bit serious and a hardworking person.

Name : Muhd Nazrin Bin Azmi
Nickname : Naz 'Subsidary'
Info : Smart talker, humorous, modest, simple, political minded and a little bit 'naughty' person.

Name : Mohd Azlan Bin Omar
Nickname : Encah 'Lan-O'
Info : A carefree one, always doing things that out of our expectation, unpredictable, crazy headed, joker and dependable person.

Name : Fhadrul Bin Irwan
Nickname : Acheh 'Legendria'
Info : A crazy head one, joker, kind and helpful, a little bit hot tempered but determined in everything he do and tokusatsu fan like me.

Name : Muhd Nizar Bin Sulaiman
Nickname : Nizar 'Starfish'
Info : Always laugh, a straightforward guy, like drawing and arts, noob looking but kind hearted one.

Name : Nurul Nadiah Binti Ahmad
Nickname : Nad 'Melayang'
Info : Kind hearted girl with a brave heart, always smiling and cheering up other people, dependable and helpful.

Well, there's more of my friends, but this were the BEST ones out from all of them. I've feel lucky to met them because it's hard to find a friend just like they be to me. As my father always said, your closest friend will determined your personality, so what I'm now is what I learned from them. Thanks a lot guys because always being my best friend since primary school. Thanks for everything. :) Finally for Nad, hope your baby will be born healthy and safely! Amin.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Delayed No More~

This evening I'll be taking my final exam. Huhuhu~ A little bit nervous, but still can control myself. ;p Yeah, this is the time that I've waiting for. No more delay, no more worries and the important thing is NO MORE WAITING!  So then, wish me luck guys! Thanks~ :)

As for today, I want to wish for my friend, Rosnah Bt Puteh a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish her a longevity in her life, a happy future and all the best in her life. I hope Allah S.W.T blessed her always. :) Work hard sister! Smile always!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Love Life?~

Another fine day for today, nothing much I've done today. Just washing the clothes and hangout in my own room. My downloads were running smoothly, I'm currently downloading Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode Four. Hehehe~ :) Looking forward to watch it. Last night, someone trying to fooled me up, but failed. Hahahaha~ You didn't got me yet, but almost had me. ;p This morning, one of my high school junior had a chat with me. Still asking about my Facebook account. Ahh mou! When the time comes, I'll activate my Facebook account again okay? Fullstop!

Then there was another question from her, about my love life. Arrgghh! Not this again. :( I have someone in my mind already now, but the situation wasn't the right time to be serious in love. She also not ready to be in love to, so just live our own life freely for now. Be free to do whatever we want to do. But if she isn't meant for me, so I will let it go and wish her happy with her life. Huhuhu~ Until now, I had been in love for twelve times. For twelve times my heart were broken. Huhuhu~ Come to think that I'm going to find the thirteenth love, it just wasn't easy as before. I want to find a woman that really flexible, independent and suits me in every aspect. For now, she just fitted the criteria I've wanted but I don't want to force her to accept me. Beauty is just a bonus, not what that I'm looking for. Most importantly, the one that I'm looking for must be a well-educated Islamic woman and care most of her family.

As for my ex lovers, I'm still loving them. Although we were apart, lost contact, didn't see each other anymore and walking on a separate life now, I'm still thinking about them. I wish them happiness and successfulness in their life. Take care you all. :)

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Single Night Double Shock!~

Last night, I found out something that caught my attention. I've noticed about a news that our government will make a new law forbidding the free and easy download of mp3s, videos, and other stuff that had close relationship with piracy. There will be no more peer to peer download and those who had an account for peer to peer service, the account will be terminated. Fuhh, what a shocking news! I know out there were many peoples that using the peer to peer download service around Malaysia. So if this new law is going to be implemented, many people will be not able to download the songs, videos and other stuffs that they want as free as before. It really sucks right? Huhuhu~

By the way, I'm also shocked when I managed to access VEOH website last night. I think everybody knows that Veoh website had been banned by our government because of Fitna film that being hosted there once upon a time ago. So since when it was un-banned? Hehehe~ Because of that, I'd quickly started my searching for my favorite videos to download from Veoh. First video that I've downloaded was an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion.

This anime was banned in a certain country because of the religion threat in the anime that can confuse people who are weak in their religious mind, especially children. I've seen this anime before when I'm in Form2, I borrowed this anime DVD from my classmate. Yes, the story does had a religion threat, but the anime was great to be watched. I'd recommend this anime to be watch, but beware and please set your mind in your religion opinion before starting to watch this anime. I will not take ANY responsibility if anything happens when your watching this anime. Sorry~ ;p

P/S : Want to download everything that I want as much as I can before the new law is going to be implemented. Say YES to FREE DOWNLOADS! :D

Friday, November 26, 2010

Virtualize Your Desktop!~

Again, there was no exam for today. Arrrggghhhh! I hate waiting like this. :( As for my classmates, they were happy that they got a time to prepare for the exam since they haven't yet prepare to do any exam. But I just want to finish doing all the exam as soon as possible because I don't like the nervous feeling waiting for the exam. Huhuhu~

For the exam, my fellow classmates asked me to teach them about server. I could teach them but I don't know whether they can catch up to my teaching. I need three computers to teach them about server but I just had only one desktop. Do you want to know how I can get three computer in one desktop? Try type "VIRTUALBOX" at Google and try search for it. :)

Here is some snapshot for the virtualbox that I've been using in my desktop. Here I could manage three or more computers in one desktop, depending to how much the size of a desktop RAM. When I'm teaching server, I can use two servers and one client simultaneously in my desktop using this software. It will give the experience like using a real three computer that I want. So, it really useful to someone that want to use multiple operating system in one desktop safely. Try it for yourself, but make sure you have the ISO file of the operating system that you want to use. :)

Download the virtualbox software here : http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

P/S : I'd just realized that I haven't online Facebook for a month now. ;p

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Reason of A Smile~

Today should be my final exam, but for some reason, they delayed it to another day. Huhuhu~ So today we were having a Innovation Day at ADTEC Batu Pahat. There were some speech competition held for the Innovation Day. The winner was Nasrul. Congratulation my friend. :)

As for me, nothing much happened today. Just someone asked me, why many people always teased me, curse me, and even bullying me but I'm looking fine with all the things that they've done to me. Huhuhu~ It's hard for me to answer that because for all these times, I've endured all the insults from other people to me. So I've became familiar with it. Since I was in Form 1, many insulting, teasing and other things from many people I had to faced. At the beginning, I'm couldn't stand the insulting, making me mad always but slowly I became familiar with it.

That was because, one day after I've been insulted by some of my classmates, I felt SO angry with them. I want to make them pay for the insults, but suddenly someone told me something that's make me rethink my actions after being insults by other peoples. He told me to cool down and be patient. After that he asked me to smile and accept the insults. When I heard what he said, firstly I've became mad at him. Then he told me HOW the way to accept the insults.

The way to accept the insults and curses was firstly say thanks to the insulter. On that time, what he said, really made me rethink my actions towards those people who insulted me. After saying thanks, tell the insulter anything that making the insulter to become silent. Example, thanks for giving me more 'pahala' or I hope God will forgive you. :) Finally, after that just walk away from the scene leaving them behind. Using that way, those insulter will SHUT UP and felt angry instead of us. This way was called a Reversed Psychology, where we can reverse the psychological harassment on us to turn back to the people who caused it. Since then, I've tried it every time it happens to me and yeah, IT WORKS!

So if anyone of you did had this problem, you can try using this method to counter back the psychological harassment towards you and instead, it will make your heart feel relief instead of angry and mad at those people. The key is SMILE and PATIENT. Remember that! :)

P/S : Sometimes a gentle way will caused more impact than a Hard-boiled way. ;)

A Birthday and A Condolence~

Yesterday was quite a happy and sorrow day. 'She' ym me last night, telling me that she missed me. For me, it's just too late, I'm sorry.

For my best friend, Noorsaifa Binti Saparjan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! :) May Allah bless you in everything you do and achieve in your life. Amin. Hope you will be happy always and get whatever you wanted in your life.

For my another best friend, Nur Zihanna Jamilah Binti Zainal, who lost her grandmother last night, I gave my condolence to her. It's hard to feel lost someone that really close to you. Al-Fatihah for her grandmother, hope she will be peace at the other world. Amin.

P/S : Too busy this week, attended many classes and teaching my fellow classmates for the final exam. =_="

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Six Days of Holiday~

I'm back guys! :) Anyone missed me? Err, I don't know that. Huhuhu~ Now I'm back at ADTEC, facing my final exam for this semester. Really tired today. I was too busy this whole holiday, from went back to my village for Aidiladha, to attended my convocation at Kuala Terengganu. What a holiday.

On the Aidiladha night, I'd arrived at Kuala Lumpur on midnight with my friend. My father picked my friend and I to went back to our village at Teluk Intan, Perak. My father used the PLUS Highway on that night. The traffic was okay that time until we arrived at Behrang. The traffic suddenly jammed. For two hours we were stuck in the traffic jam. Actually, the traffic jam caused by an accident at Slim River, a container truck smashed a car to rubbles. I felt really sad watching that accident. After that we continued our journey and arrived my village at five in the morning. On that morning, I'd went to the mosque for Aidiladha prayer but not so excited for that celebration cause my younger brother had some classes for his SPM. So we had to return back to KL on that day.

On Friday, my family departed from KL to Terengganu for my Graduation Day. We departed on ten in the morning but my younger brother didn't followed us because he had to go back to school for his class. So only five of us went to Terengganu. The traffic was clear and our journey runs smoothly. We stayed at Seri Malaysia Hotel in Marang. On the Graduation Day, we departed to the Islamic Civilization Garden at 6.45a.m. When we arrived there, there were already filled with many people that attending the Graduation. I quickly registered myself for the graduation and wore the robe for the graduation.

This were my graduation picture. Without them, I don't know how could achieved this level. Huhuhu~ Thanks a lot my dear father and mother! :)

P/S : At last, I'll be driving my Perdana now. Hehehe~ :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Salam Aidiladha~

In this opportunity, I want to wish to all of my Muslim friends a Salam Aidiladha~ Forgive all the mistakes that I've done from my hair until my toes. :) For my classmates, happy holiday and see ya all at the ILJTM Graduation Day~ Congratulation and keep up the good work. As for me, my bus will depart on 7p.m today. Goodbye Batu Pahat, hello Kuala Lumpur! I missed my time here at Kuala Lumpur. Hehehe~

Here I come my besties, let's hangout together like we always do! ;)

P/S : Final Exam just waiting for my return after this holiday. XD

The Event Begin~

Hello guys! Sorry because I didn't post anything for yesterday, I'm just too busy with the preparation of the event that held today. YEAH TODAY! AND IT WAS A SUCCESS! :D

Although there were some errors and technical problems occurred, but the event still running smoothly. Our event theme color were black and red, so everything for the event we'd made it that color. Our t-shirts, tags, banners, and other stuffs too, it looked very elegant and smart. Our event started on 8.30am, launched by our President of Southern Continent ILJTM, Mr. Zaibidin Bin Abdul Samad. We also invited other ILP's and ADTEC students to come and cherish our event. There were some conference, exhibition and a game tournament held on the event. The panels for the conference were from Malaysian Cyber Emergency Response Team (MyCERT), one student from ILP Ledang, one student from ADTEC Melaka and one of our own student.

The conference was about the cyber security and digital self defense, where the audience can learn many info about the security that is needed for a network or a computer, how do the hackers doing their hacking, how to prepare a self defense against hacking and viruses, method that used to hack and a way to prevent it. Our exhibition was about the operating systems that were different from Microsoft Windows such as Fedora, Open Suse, Ubuntu and others. There also had some information gallery about hacking history, kind of viruses, ways to prevent hacking and much more in our exhibition. For the tournament, we invited the students from other ILP and ADTEC to join the Counter Strike Tournament. The winner of the tournament was the team from ILP Mersing. Congratulation to them!

As for us, all our efforts and ideas were really worth it, the event really satisfied our Division Head. She even congratulated us and praised us for the successful event held under our Division. Hehehe~ We expect she would give us high marks for this assignment. YEAH, THIS EVENT WAS OUR ASSIGNMENT! What a hard one we had. Finally, by end of today, everybody were happy with our own event was settled. Thank you so much for all the effort that you've guys putted on for this event. At last, we've going to have a really nice holiday for Hari Raya Aidiladha and our Graduation Day at Terengganu this Saturday. But don't forget, our final exam JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Good luck!~ :)

P/S : I won't be posting any blog until Monday next week due to Aidiladha holiday and my Graduation Day. So sorry for the inconveniences. SALAM AIDILADHA~ :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Bowling Time!~

Today was a happening day. After a tiring day yesterday completing the works for the event next Monday, Nasrul, Salimah, Haslinda and me were participating in the Bowling Tournament that was held at The Summit, Batu Pahat. We were the only team from our class since everybody else were busy with other things and works. There were seven teams that participated in the tournament. The tournament started on 12 o'clock.

Each of us actually not really good in bowling except for Nasrul and because of that, many hilarious incident happened during the tournament. As for me, this was the first time in three years playing bowling since last time I'd played when I was in Form Six. Hahaha~ For the first run in the first frame, I've scored a strike! Wow! On that time I thought that my skills was still not rust. But when the second run on the same frame, I've scored NONE! Then for the other run, I've managed to score about four to eight points only. My runs were in chaos. Maybe the strike on the first run just a lucky one. Hehehe~ ;p Running on the second frame, I've starting to gaining my rhythm. I've never missed a scored on this frame and managed to score a strike two times.

As for Salimah, I think she is the humble one when she playing the bowling. That was because she threw the bowling ball really softly and gently! But what's amazingly about her playing, the bowling ball 90% accurately hit the pins! Although she just managed to get two strike, but she didn't even missed scoring! I'd really saluted her for the style she made on the tournament. Humble and gentle, but scoring is STILL scoring! Hehe~ ;p While for Haslinda, she really don't know how to bowl, she just threw the ball to the pins. At some point, she even threw the ball backwards to the crowd behind! Hehehe~ But she didn't gave up, she kept playing and progressing well in the second frame. She even managed to get two strike! Well done Haslinda. About Nasrul, he's the one that made the score for our team, he even managed to get about 5 strike on one frame! Wonderful play by him and also the highest scorer individual in the tournament. Congratulation! :)

At the end of the tournament, our team only managed to get the fourth place from seven teams. A good play by our team, thanks to Nasrul wonderful scoring. Hehehe~ Let's try again next time okay? On my way back to ADTEC, I founded many road signs that named with the name that I'm familiar before. Here is some pictures of it. 

For my friends that have a connection with these names, I miss you all! Hehehe~ When can we go hangout together like before again?? :)

P/S : Someone accidentally exposing my past stories to other peoples today. Yeah, it WAS YOUR FAULT!

Line Down, Broken Shoes, Congratulations and Double Trouble~

I want to say sorry because I didn't had a time for posting a blog for yesterday. My broadband line was down for the whole night yesterday. What happened Maxis???? For 4 days the line was down. I've paid for the line you know! :(

As for yesterday, my shoes was broken again for a THIRD time in six months! Now, I don't even have any shoes to wear when attending my classes. What a bad luck I had. Huhu~ I don't have any money to buy a new shoes right now, so I just wore different shoe on each feet. That was because each shoes were broken in different pair, so I just wear the unbroken ones to class. Haha~ No one noticed it until I've told them about it. ;p

But still, the preparation for the event was still going on. I've done too many works such as designing banner, passes, bookmarks, preparing the hall, and even making the hall's entrance decorations. Too tired and exhausted last night. For the cooking competition, Elai, Nasrul and Huda's cooking were the winner. They made a Jawa's Nasi Goreng, Pengat Pisang and the other one I forgot its name. Hehehe~ Congratulations to them. :)

As for my assignment, it just getting doubled! My math lecturer added a new assignment as the result that we didn't enter his class yesterday. We were so sorry sir! Huhuhu~

P/S : Waiting excitedly for this Aidiladha holiday~ :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Nearing The Deadline~

Huh, what a busy day yesterday. I'm so tired making the preparation for the event that will be held on next Monday. So I didn't had any chance to post a new blog for yesterday. For that reason, I'll post two new blog for today. Yesterday I was making another pass for the Indian girls in my class and my lecturers. But the lecturers was attending their exam on that time. So I used their passport sized picture in the pass. Some of my lecturers face in the passport sized picture looking really funny. Their faces in the picture really different compared to the faces now. Then I made the banner that I've designed to be a sticker for my desktop. When I made the sticker, Amin saw it and suddenly gave me an idea to make the banner as a bookmark for the guests on the event. Yeah, why not? At least they have something to remember the event.

So last night I began to make the bookmark design at the class. On that night, Elai, Nasrul and Huda were practicing their cooking skill for the Chef Challenge that will be held this evening. My division head had prepared the ingredients needed for their menu. They practiced at the Cafe's kitchen. At the class, my classmates were making their works on the booth contents. They also asked me to draw the Linux Penguin on the polystyrene board. Haha, how they know that I can draw beautifully? ;p

I've managed to finish the bookmark design on 11.30pm, by then Nasrul, Elai and Huda had complete their cooking. They brought the food to the class and shared them with the classmates. But unfortunately I didn't had a chance to have a taste of their cooking. I didn't mind it because after I arrived at my hostel, quickly I boiled some water and made a maggie soup for dinner. After that, I directly went to bed, leaving my math assignment incomplete.

This is my bookmark design, using the banner design on the front and some advices at the back. Simple and useful. :)

P/S : Maxis broadband line for these two days suddenly SUCK! :(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Whole Day Tension~

Arghh!! What a day today!! For the whole day I'm servicing a laptop that had problem until now! This is the first time I've facing such a problem since I started repairing and servicing laptops and desktops. Today I had to service a M-Life laptop. I bet you all never or didn't heard such a brand name right? I've checked the laptop specification, quite okay. But when it comes to the driver installation, IT BECOME WORST UNEXPECTEDLY!

Firstly I've formatted the laptop into Windows XP. After finish formatting the laptop, I've installed the laptop's driver, but I can't find the wireless LAN driver for this laptop. So I googled for the driver software, but nowhere to be found. TOO WEIRD! The owner of the laptop also had lost the driver's CD. Really a bad luck that she had. Huhu. Making the situation worst, I've tried many kind of wireless driver, but NONE of them works perfectly! This thing really starting to make me pissed off. Luckily Nasrul gave me an idea to solve the problem. I tried using the Driver Genius to detect the wireless model and it works. It's a Ralink Wireless Driver. Huh, one problem solved right now.

After that, I downloaded the driver software for the laptop, that really consumed my time waiting for it to finish. When I've finished download, I tried to install it in the laptop. Surprisingly, IT FAIL! I started to losing my temper but I tried it again and again and again. For some reason that I didn't know, the installation kept failing again and again and AGAIN! Yeah, it does feel SUCK! :( Then I restarted the laptop. The problem came into the climax when it won't start the Windows normally. My tension came to the eruption stage and 1, 2, 3!!.............

My pillow went out over the window, after its been RIDER KICKED by me.

Finally I formatted the laptop once again and installed the driver all in the Safe Mode. It works well. Huhuhu~ What a day you've made me into, crappy laptop!

P/S : I've bought the ticket to return home on Aidiladha. Yay! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary My Handful Handphone!~

Well, as for today, it is a very special day for something that very special in my life. It always stayed with me, accompany me and following me where ever I go. At the class, at my home, at the bathroom, even in my bed, it will always be so close to me. Hehehe~ It had been together with me for a year today and still be here together with me. No matter in what condition I'm in, happy or sad, easy or hard, cheer or angry, it always stayed beside me. Although sometime it was not okay in some moment, I took care of it, brought it to a technician to repair it, charged it every day when it weakened and not forget to top-uped it every time it's pocket money was running low. I admit it, I do love you so much, VERY MUCH!! Oh my SE C510!!~ ;p

Here is my lovable handphone. It's been a year since I bought it last year for just RM450. I bought it after my best friend, Nazrin bought it about one month and a half earlier. But he bought it for RM650 because he bought it when it was in the market for one month after the official launch. The specification of the handphone also quite handful. My handphone before this, Nokia 5610 had been broken due to it's display and ribbon problem. That's why I bought this handphone to replace it. Here it the specification of SE C510 :-

GENERAL : 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900, 3G Network HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100
SIZE : Dimensions 107 x 47 x 12.5 mm, Weight 92 g
DISPLAY : Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches - Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate
SOUND : Alert types Vibration, MP3, AAC ringtones, Speakerphone Yes
MEMORY : Phonebook 1000 x 20 fields, Photo call, Call records 30 received, dialed and missed calls, Internal 100 MB, Card slot Memory Stick Micro (M2), up to 8Gb
DATA : GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, 3G HSDPA; HSUPA, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB v2.0
CAMERA : Primary 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, Video QVGA-30fps, Secondary Video call camera
FEATURES : Messaging SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Instant Messaging, Browser WAP 2.0/HTML (NetFront), RSS, Radio Stereo FM radio with RDS, Games downloadable, Colors Future Black, Radiation Silver, Energetic Red, Java MIDP 2.0
- Face, smile detection, geo-tagging (cell-id)
- MP3/AAC/MP4 player
- TrackID music recognition
- YouTube service in Media Center
- Organizer
- Voice memo/dial
- Motion gaming
BATTERY - Standard battery, Li-Po 930 mAh, Stand-by Up to 400 h (2G) / Up to 350 h (3G), Talk time Up to 10 h (2G) / Up to 4 h (3G)

I like this handphone because it is small and thin, the function also is quite nice and simple. Although the housing is a bit worn out, but it still functioning well. Finally, a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY SE C510!~ Thanks for all of the function that you've provided me with since a year ago. :)

P/S : I don't know why I'm so sleepy today. Zzzzzz~

Monday, November 8, 2010

Surprises For Today~

Someone wake me up this morning. Thanks to her. Hehe~ My class today was quite a surprise. I didn't bring my file case and any pen to class. Because I thought the activities in the class would be the same as last week. I've just brought my pendrive as usual. When I entered my class, my head division asked me about the banner design for the event. I showed her the design and she praised me for the design I've made. But still, she wants me to adjust the design for a bit. So I took my time adjusting the design until break time. After having my breakfast, suddenly my lecturer came in the class bringing the test paper for his subject. Everyone surprised with the test because the lecturer never told anyone in the class about the test. So, no one was prepared for the test, especially ME!!

That was because I haven't brought any paper with me including my pen! On that time, I borrowed Nur's pen and Rynn's test pad for the test. Since I haven't prepared anything for the test, so I just wrote down the answer as I pleased according to what I could think on that time. Ahh, that gave me a headache. Soon after the test had ended, my head division came again to my class for the banner design. This time she satisfied with the design and want me to create another banner for the inner display in the event. Oh my, I couldn't make it on that time because all of my items for the design was in my desktop at my hostel. So she want the design to be finished after the afternoon break time.

I've started making the design as soon as I've arrived at my hostel. It took me about 45 minutes to complete the design. That really makes my brain cramped for a while. Huhu~ When I came to the class at the evening, my head division came early to get the design from me. She praised me for the design and straight went to the shop that could produce the banners. What a relief, my works were done for now. Huhu~ These is the design that I've made earlier :-

As for today, there is someone that celebrating her birthday today. Although she had engaged with other guy, but I still remember her well. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALMIEY AKMA. Wish you all the best in your life. May Allah bless you. Amin. :)

P/S : Tomorrow is a birthday of something that very, very, very close to me, always. Hehehe~ ;p

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Precious Desktop Revealed~

 It's another day of relaxing alone in my dorm. Huhu~ Last night I've could only managed to download only one episode of Engine Sentai Go-Onger. This is because of the unstable line from my Maxis Broadband due to heavy rain. What a waste of time. If the line was okay last night, I've could get 3-4 episodes of it by now. Back to the activity for today, I'm just sitting in front of my desktop listening to my mp3s while waiting for the download to finish. By the way, this is the picture of my desktop :-


Nice isn't it? I've bought this desktop two years ago for RM1350. I'd prefer using desktop than laptop because it can be easily maintained and if any of it's hardware broke down, I can easily bought a new hardware for it in a lower cost than a laptop. It's durability is also more than a laptop, I've used to turn it on for a long period of time without shutting it down and it still in good condition. Just for the downside, I can't bring it anywhere that I want it to. Hehehe~ Here is the specification of my desktop :-


Processor : AMD AthlonII X2 250 3.0Ghz AM3 2MB L2 Cache
Mainboard : MSI K9N6PGM2-V2
RAM : 1.5Gb DDRII 667Mhz Kingston
Hard Disk : 160Gb Seagate Barracuda SATA2 + 500Gb Western Digital Caviar Green SATA2
Graphic : On-Board Nvdia GeForce 6150 SE nForce 430 256MB
Casing : PowerLogic Futura 220 (Orange)
Display : ViewSonic VA503b 15' 1024x786 pixel resolution LCD
Speaker : Regular Desktop Speaker
Input Device : Sensonic Slim USB Keyboard U2 + E-View USB Optical Mouse
Internet : Maxis Broadband Power Plan Electric Modem
Operating System : Windows XP Service Pack 3 Vista Enhance

Quite simple right? Maybe some people will say that this specification is a basic one, but for me, I'm quite satisfied with it's low cost and good performance. I'm not using any graphic card because my on-board graphic quite enough to fulfill my everyday tasks and activities, although I had to admit, my desktop will slightly slowing down when it comes to do some graphical task such as photoshopping and video editing. I'm also not an extreme gamer, so I think I won't need a graphic card anytime soon.

Some of you maybe wondering why that I still using Windows XP until now rather than using a brand new Windows 7. The answer is Windows XP can support more softwares that I'm frequently using than Windows 7. But still, I'm also had frequently servicing and formatting others laptop and desktop using Windows 7. It is because they want to feel the excitement using the Windows 7 that comes with new graphical interface and functions. For me, I feel more comfortable using Windows XP. But hey, when the time comes, I'll be using Windows 7 also okay. :)

P/S : Wondering when the time will come for me to be using full open source system like Ubuntu and Fedora.

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