Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sharing Is Piracy?~

Something fishy recently hit our country environment. Did you guys aware of it? About my last post, our ISP really blocked the ten file sharing websites due to piracy. Many people were against it because those file sharing websites really useful for sharing a file through the Internet. As for me, I always used the Megaupload websites to download my favorite Super Sentai and Kamen Rider series. Those series are the free fansubbed that had nothing to do with piracy.

What's fishy about this blocking is why do Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) implemented this censorship while this action was clearly violating MSC Malaysia Bills of Guarantees (BoG), Bill 7? (Click here and here for info.) In TheStar Online today, Norman KRU said that it was illegal to download pirated songs and movies. (Click here for the news.) One question here to be asked. Were all the songs and movies that hosted and downloaded using the file sharing websites are piracy?

File sharing websites functioned as a platform for SHARING files through the Internet and it can be downloaded with or without paying fees. The files there are shared, so is it 'illegal' to download those files that had been shared there? As a normal Internet user, the shared file was downloaded because I wanted that file. The shared file was uploaded by it's owner, so the file was shared between me and the owner. Not taken, stolen, seized or any illegal activities between me and the owner. If the file was pirated by the owner, so the fault falls on him, not me. But when MCMC banned those websites, the actions was like blaming the fault at me as the one who downloaded the file.

As for piracy in our county, it's so easy to be made. Example, the latest Malay movie, Kongsi. Not long after this movie hit the cinemas, it had been aired on the Astro First. Using the Astro Beyond, the movie can be recorded by the Astro First viewer. Isn't that we should call it PIRACY? When the viewer recorded the movie, it can be shared over the Internet and downloaded by anyone who founded the file. Despite that, Kongsi movie had earn RM1.1 million for it's first day show. Is the movie production having a loss? I don't think so. So for my advise, if we want to stop the piracy, stop it from it's root then it will succeed.

P/S :- Looking forward to download Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and Kamen Rider OOO latest episodes!

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Ami said...


it's been a long time since I visited here.. ^^

mmg frustrated giler bile Gov block sharing website especially Megaupload, Filserve etc..

itulah sumber2 nk dptkn international video, esp drama memandangkn nk cri DVD @ CD cite2 tu agak payah (+ mahal!)..dah pulak tu, kt umah bukannye pasang internet je lah sumber yg ade...

mmg bengkek~

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