Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Story About A Little Kitten~

He was born with five of his siblings. His mom, my family picked her at the mamak restaurant. Then my family took care of her until now. After he was born, I was really happy to see him in the box with his mom and siblings. At first, his mom was really fierce. She wouldn't let us touched her baby. Yeah really, whose mom that didn't love their child right? I loved to see his mom breastfeeding him and his siblings, he and his siblings rolling and playing around the house and sleeping nicely.

Then, the time really passed fast enough. He grew and being really energetic day by day. Although two of his siblings have died, but still he and his three siblings left still makes me happy. They always played around the house. I always fed them and took good care of them. But it don't last long, because I had to went back to ADTEC and finished my study first. So, I went back to ADTEC and left him and his siblings into my family cares.

A month later, I came home from ADTEC. I saw him with an ugly face. I was really shocked. He now only had his one sibling left. Another two had died already when I'm at ADTEC. He and his sibling both had a ugly face. They maybe got sick and infected with a disease. Not long after that, his siblings died because of the disease. So, only he and his mom left. Surprisingly, his mom didn't got sick or infected with that disease. Same goes to my neighbor's cats. But he still struggling to live although his mom didn't care about him since he got the disease.

For the whole month, I took care of him. Fed him when he's hungry. Play with him when I got free time. But the disease kept affected him. After a few days, his right eye grew big and almost getting out from his face. When it became like that, his right eyes became blind. Still, he ate and play like usual, only sometimes he looked weak and sick. I don't know what can I do for him. His mom also just looking fine but didn't care about him.

Recently, his right eye became too big and got out from his face. The disease also had affected his left eye and turn him into a total blind. When I got back from work, I really shocked to see him like that. I tried to fed him, but he won't eat anymore. I saw at his eyehole, filled with worms because of the disease. I felt really sad of him. I saw him walking outside my house and stay in front of my car. I tried to fed him again, but he won't. So I just left him there and went to sleep. My mind kept thinking about him all the time.

Today, we buried him at my house backyard. He died because of the disease and haven't ate anything for the last 12 hours. The last I saw him alive was this evening. He looked really weak, really sick. He was putted into the cage by my younger brother. A few hours later, no sign of him breathing or moving. On that time I know that he had died. I felt pity for him to died in pain. He didn't have an opportunity to become adult like his mom. His mom also didn't care about his death. My mind kept thinking if I was in his place. What would I feel? Now, he had gone forever. His mom had lost all the kittens that she had before. This makes me somewhat felt empty inside my heart. I'm gonna miss you. Farewell, my little kitten.

P/S : Feeling down for a moment.


E::Z::A::N ♠ C::O::M::OT said...

sedihnyeeee.... alaaa... serius sedih. =((

Alan Tsukasa said...

taw xpe~

Aleeyaah Darn said...

farewell darling.
we know u had suffered enough.

Alan Tsukasa said...


|cah-sahaJa said...

lalan... T.T
siyesly i'm crying reading this.
i know how it feel... huhu.

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