Tuesday, November 29, 2011


are someone or more than one people that really close to ourselves.

How to have them?
Earn them.

How to keep them?
Be honest with them.

How to make them happy?
Show your happiness to them.

How to cheer them?
Provide non-stop support for them.

How to multiply them?
Introduce each other among them.

What makes 'friends' important in our life?
They are your lil' brother or sister.
They are your closest enemy.
They are your reflection.
They are your judge.
They are your cheerleader.
They are your assistant.
They are your places to tell stories.
They are your safest place to take cover.

Most importantly,
They filled up your life.

Without them,
Life becomes a vast dessert.

Appriciate them,
While you still can.

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|cah-sahaJa said...

woooo.. lamanya tak terjah sini.. hehe..
maaf le lalan.. icah hilang ur url. hehe.. :p


Kiki Lala said...

alan ! tak dapat cari kat fb so , cari kat sini ! Have a great day kawan :)

Anonymous said...

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