Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Intense Weather~

Malaysia is a nation that located near the earth's equator. Because of that, the weather are hot and damp every year. But nowadays, it seems that the weather slowly becoming  hotter. Maybe some of you guys didn't realize it. I've also didn't noticed it until something happened and it really shocked me. You guys want to know what had happened? Let's see the picture below.

Don't know what it is? This is a network tester, my lecturer owned it. Yes, it is made from plastic. What did you guys saw in the picture above? It was melting because it had been exposed to an intense heat. The source was from the weather itself. It happened because I left it in my car and I forgot to take it with me back to ADTEC. My car was parked outside my house, so the weather will affect the condition inside my car. For this network tester to become like this, absolutely the temperature inside my car was really HOT! I'm wondering what degree Celsius was the temperature inside my car on that day when the tester melt. Huhuhu~ So guys, don't ever left any plastic things inside a car during day time because it will melt due to the intense heat.

P/S : At last, a whole bunch of assignments needed to be done before final exam!


Ami said...

ade mase, klu siang da trlalu panas, malamnye pulak hujan tramat lebat+kilat+guruh

Alan Tsukasa said...

tau xpe, nampak sangat cuaca malaysia dh byk berubah~

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