Sunday, April 17, 2011

Many Things To Do~

Firstly, I want to apologize for not posting any new blog post recently. TOO BUSY and TOO MUCH activities happened during these past few weeks. Huhuhu~ Let me shared it here with you guys. :)

1. Spend Time with Family
Because of lacking of holiday, so I wanted to spend much time with my family. I even managed to return to my village with my Grandma.

2. Return to ADTEC
Just finished my mid semester holiday, many assignments that need to be done. Huhuhu~ Luckily, I've managed to finished it on time. :)

3. Preparation for Pre-Q PKM
I need to prepared myself for my PKM last Monday. In the same time, I taught my fellow juniors, Alham and Shuhadah how to design a web for their own PKM too. So, I didn't had much free time until the PKM is over.

4. Pre-Q PKM Starts!
The Pre-Q PKM for IT Network System Administration had held at CIAST Shah Alam on 11th April. What a tough time on that day. Fuhh~

5. Settling MQA File
Some of my certificates and important documents really needed to be put in a file for MQA review next week. I've just finished my file today.

6. Part-time Business
Some of my friend asked my help to buy computer hardware at Low Yat Plaza. After purchasing the hardware, I've assembled them one by one when I returned to ADTEC and formatted it as well. That way I could earn some cash for myself.

7. Meet Up With My Friends
Recently I've been meeting with some of my friend and ex-girlfriends. So, some of my time were spent on going out with them.

8. Accidentally Left My Broadband at My Lecturer's House
I can't go online last week for a whole week because of this. Oh my...

9. Got Class on Saturday For Four Weeks
That means my weekend holiday was shortened! Not much of free time. :(

10. Too Much Works To Be Done
Assignment, designing, training, assessments, tests, events, meetings and much more to come. What a wonderful life isn't it? ;p

That's all, but there are more to come. My final exam also just around the corner. Looking forward to enter Sixth Semester. Yeah! :D At last, I could finish my Diploma studies.

P/S : Really need a really good rest. Too tired from all these activities.


eisya said...

susah2 dahulu b'senang2 kemudian..

Alan Tsukasa said...

tp xnmpk ble senangnye~

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