Monday, March 14, 2011

Damn Idiot Smokers!~

If just those cigarettes in the image could be change into those DAMN SMOKERS! I really would pleased to see that!

Tonight I'd really pissed off! Those DAMN smokers really done it enough already! This incident was the fourth time happened in front of me. I just online on my desktop when suddenly the smoke ashes entered my room through the window. As the result, my table and my desktop were covered by the ashes. ARGH!! CURSED YOU ALL DAMN SMOKERS!!

Click image for a larger view.

See? My table was covered with the ashes that had been dumped by those bastards through their windows! I don't care if they want to smoke or even died and what-so-ever, but why they really pissed me off this time! Go on smoking and died by yourself! Don't interrupts other people please, you DAMN IDIOTS! No forgiveness for them right now! I told this matter to Nasrul for an immediate action. Then he called for my Head Warden to come at my room. When the Head Warden came, he knocks the doors of the room above my room. But no one opened the doors. Shit! Now they are chickening out. Never mind, tonight you maybe escaped me. If I found you later on, prepared to be DOOMED!! I'll promised you that you'll never forget what I will done to you!

P/S : Sorry for the bad words that were used in this post, it just me expressing a massive anger that I've been kept in my patient heart for a long time.


E::Z::A::N ♠ C::O::M::OT said...

chill there~ lain kali, pegi window atas dorang plak, then suh mber yg smoking, smoke kt situ... barula eye for an eye...haha

Alan Tsukasa said...

kalo la leh wat gitu~

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