Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mid Semester Holiday~

Activities during this holiday :-

Saturday - Went to the school for school alumni meeting + Went to PWTC for job fair + Finished designing a wedding card + formatted my friend's laptop.

Sunday - Accompanied my ex to her best friend wedding + take out two of my ex for a hangout together + laptop delivery to my friend house + talk with my ex's mother at her house.

Monday - Sleeping all day and wake up on late evening + repaired my ride's brake lamps + hangout with my friends at usual place.

Tuesday - Going to the JPJ to renew my motorcycle roadtax and meet up with my friend at Facebook~

Wednesday - Went to Low Yat Plaza, Time Square and Jalan Pasar  with my friends + Buying computer stuff and project equipments.

Thursday - Went to the village with my grandma and aunt.

Friday - Went to Teluk Intan to my another grandma house + Return to KL later that evening.

Saturday - Went to Ipoh with Nadiah and her husband for our friend wedding + went to Pian's Tok Wan house + return to KL later that midnight.

Sunday - Going back to Adtec + should I cheers now?

P/S : Holiday just don't guaranteed my rest~http://www.emocutez.com

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