Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Don't Care, I'm Not Alone, I'm Okay And I'm Alright!~

I don't care,

when no one praise me.
when everyone ignores me.
when nobody lend their help to me.
when I got nothing from what I've done.

I'm not alone,

when I walk alone.
when I'm the only one standing there.
when nobody cares about me.
when I'm feeling lonely.

I'm okay,

although I fall sick.
although my heart is broken.
although everyone around me despise me.
although I've being hated for I being myself.

It's alright,

because I don't care.
because I'm not alone.
because I'm okay.
because my life are too short to be sad and complaining about those lame things.

P/S : Just completed my cross country marathon today, not too far actually. Walking from Larkin to Johor Bahru was more further than today's course.


E::Z::A::N ♠ C::O::M::OT said...

its okay, its alrite..
you've got something others dont have!

rhyme x.. nway, follow blog kite juga!!

Alan Tsukasa said...

dh follow dh~

sri jennie . said...

alan , sory a lot ! sangat emo that day . tade niat remove you :( sorry ~

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