Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Relax~

What is my fault?? =_="
One scene in the night :

Friend : Hey, there is a police roadblock ahead!
Me : Just relax, there's nothing to be worry about.
Friend : Are you sure about that? Are you 'clean'?
Me : Of course! Just sit back and cool okay? (smiling)
- We reached the roadblock.

Police : Where are you from?
Me : Just came back from the restaurant, we just had our dinner there.
Police : Where are you going?
Me : Home, just at the nearby garden ahead.
Police : Okay, you can pass.
Me : Thanks Officer!
- I drove away from the roadblock.

Me : See, nothing happen right?
Friend : Of course, because you are 'clean'.
Me : Nope, my license just expired last month.
Friend : WTF???

P/S : Don't know when I'm free to go for renewing my license.


Ami said...

nsib bek x kne saman..

tp, ni mnunjukkan JPJ xbuat kje btul2..
cet, ni nk kne report nih..

Alan Tsukasa said...

rileks suda~
dh tahu salah, pndai2 la cover~
mlm tu dan2 lak polis tahan tu die byk tanye~
nseb bek die tnye tu je, xminta ic ngan lesen~

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