Sunday, February 13, 2011

When A Well Seeking For It's Bucket~

Lately, I've seen some girls says that the boys should search for them, not the otherwise. They used the Malay's proverb "don't be like a well searching for it's bucket" to strengthen their reason. When I heard or see them said like that, I felt really irritated. Do girls are really precious so that the boys really need to find them? I really don't think so. In this modern world, we must make effort to get anything that we want.

According to the proverb above, who do you think will be the well and the bucket? These girl that I saw thinks that she is the well and the boy is the bucket. So as default, she wanted the boy to search for her. As for me, the well should be for the boy and the bucket should be the girl. That would make sense in this nowadays situation.


First - Do anyone realize, girls are more than boys all around us. Confused? I mean the good and trustworthy ones. Yeah, there are many good girls outside there than the boys. So, the girls should seek for the good boys that suitable to them because the good boys are limited edition nowadays.

Second - The boys had their choices, the girls don't. When a girl leave a boy, she will had a tough time searching for a new boy while the boy could choose any girl that he'll found.

Third - Boys are the leader in many aspect. In a relationship, in a marriage, in a family, boys are always the leader. Good leader are hard to be found and the won't have time to search for a girl.

Fourth - Waiting is hurt. Who likes to wait? Why do girls choose to wait rather than going out to search for themselves? Just go and grab what you want.

Fifth - Competition between girls. Ever wonder why there are some girls come and try to seduce your boy? That is because they know that your boy really are something to them.

Sixth - Girls had many disadvantages. When they broke up with the boy she love, she will be sad. When boys cheated her, she can't accept the truth. When she scared, she could have a phobia. So she should choose a boy with fully careful because it will affect her future.

Seventh - It's the girl right. Really, good girls do deserve good boys. So find one yourself. Don't wait until others take yours.

Based on the reasons given, I really think that girl is the bucket and boy is the well. Don't feel offended with my opinion. I just want you guys to open your mind and eyes that we need to make an effort if we want to get something. If we just sit back and relax, nothing will come to us. Even our beloved prophet, Muhammad S.A.W, was proposed by Siti Khadijah R.A. So girls, don't afraid to make the first move. If it's your destiny with your choice, you are a lucky person. :)

P/S : No one seeking for me. Hahahaha~


Lita said...

"Boys are the leader in many aspect. In a relationship, in a marriage, in a family, boys are always the leader."

-> Sexism?! In a relationship/marriage/family nobody is the "leader". All partners are equal and if my boyfriends would think the way you did....their status as my boyfriend would end as soon as possible.

I´m not an hardcore-feminist, but statements like this let me roll my eyes.

Alan Tsukasa said...

if partners are equal, who will be guiding their life? so if one say yes and another say no, that would trigger a conflict if they are equal in term of leadership. in this situation, there is a need of a leader that would lead their life together.

i hope you would understand my point of view.

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