Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unlucky Week (Part Two)~

JB version of Low Yat Plaza~

Day 4

On the morning, I quickly bought the motherboard to the shop back. I took a bus from Batu Pahat to Johor Bahru. In additional to that, the ticket on that day was expensive than usual because it was Sunday. Argh! I don't care about it, I just care about my desktop. When I'm on the bus, I thought the bus would stop at JB Sentral. But my thought was wrong. The bus stop at Larkin Sentral. The Larkin Sentral was about seven kilometers away from Danga City Mall. Without other further thinking, I just walked from Larkin Sentral to Danga City Mall. On that day, the weather was really hot. Luckily I bought my cap with me. When I reached Danga City Mall, I've quickly went to the shop that I've brought the motherboard.

The worker there replace the motherboard with a new one. Then the worker ask me why I'm too sweating. So, I told her that I was walking from the bus stop until I reached here. She was really shocked. Huhuhu~ After that, I went to the lowest floor to have my lunch. When I've finished eating, I walked back to the Larkin Sentral. I've met some friends there and went back to Batu Pahat together.
When we reached Batu Pahat, we decided to take a taxi to ADTEC. But we all were five peoples. The taxi just only take four people at a time. Since we were all having the same destination, so the taxi driver agreed to take us all in his taxi. So, one of us was sitting in the front while the others and me were sitting at the back. The space was really packed but we just bare with it until we reached ADTEC. As soon I reached my room, I quickly assembled my desktop with the new motherboard. To my surprise, the motherboard was still unable to detect my hard drives. Argh! All my money had been spent for this motherboard. Then Amin checked my desktop and told me that my power supply had some problem. So, I just left the desktop as it was.

Day 5
Can you see the differences? =_="

My classes started on that day. Some of my assignments I haven't done yet. So, I did my assignments on that morning. Then I realized that my hands had turn darker than before. Argh! I got the sunburn on my hands! :(( On that afternoon, my Head of Department asked me to make a banner design for our department. Ahh, my desktop had been disabled for a while and now more works that need to be done? So, I told her that my desktop had some problems. Luckily she understood my situation. She told me that she could lend me a power supply for my desktop. Alhamdulillah. At last, I could use my desktop again. But she would give me on the other day, so I just need to wait for tomorrow to come.

Day 6

For today, my Head of Department gave my the works that needed to be done. The works were designing two banners for promoting our department to the outside peoples. On that time, I used the computer at my department lab. It took a whole day to finish the designing process. Huhuhu~ After finished designing the banner, I gave it to my Head of Department. She really likes the design and as the reward, she gave me the power supply for free. I was so shocked that I didn't expect she would give me the power supply as my reward. Thank you Madam Shamsiah Bt Sarkawi. :)


P/S : My sunburned skin getting worn out already!

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