Friday, February 25, 2011

Unlucky Week (Part One)~

Day 1 :-

I needed to finish up my proposal for my upcoming final project on that day. Salimah and me pushing up our limits to completed the proposal. That night, I'd locked my desktop's Windows and went to met her and completing the proposal. About eleven o'clock, we managed to complete it to ninety percent. So I went back to my room to complete it. As soon as I arrived in my room, suddenly my desktop aren't responding.

The screen become blank although I've pressed any key at the keyboard. But the system was still on. So I just restarted it. I'm surprised that my desktop aren't restarting. I tried to turned off the power and turned it on again, but my desktop didn't turn on as normal as before. I checked the rear panel, no signal and the USB doesn't on although the desktop had been turned on. Oh my God! The worst nightmare had come!
So I called my mother and told her maybe I will be back to get the warranty for my desktop motherboard. But my mother told me to bought it here instead of going back to buy it at KL. Then I agreed to her idea. Then I borrowed my friend's laptop to complete the proposal.

Day 2 :-

About one o'clock in the morning, the broadband line suddenly became un-connectable. Argh! Why should it become like this on this critical time? I called Maxis Center and asked about my broadband connection. The staff told me there were some problems with the line and it will be back to normal in about two hours. So I went to sleep while waiting for the two hours period.
I woke up on five o'clock and finished my proposal on six. That time the broadband connection had been restored and I uploaded my proposal at so my partner Salimah could download it and print it out. That morning, we both were nervous about the proposal presentation. Then suddenly our Head of Department told us that the presentation was delayed to next week's Friday. Everyone were relieved to hear that, including me because there were some adjustment need to be done in my proposal.
At the evening, I went to the bank to take out some cash and went to the Summit Batu Pahat by walking. I searched for a brand new motherboard for my desktop there. To my surprise, they just selling one kind of AMD motherboard only. So I needed to search at other places for the motherboard. Then I walked to BP Mall to continue my search. But sadly, there aren't any motherboard type that I wanted. I met my friend there and went to Carrefour Batu Pahat to find a motherboard. More sadly, there didn't had any AMD motherboard. So we just went for a dinner and went back to hostel.

Day 3 :-

At the morning, my friend Fadli and I went to Johor Bahru to search for my desktop motherboard. The journey took us about two hours ride from our hostel and it really makes my backside felt numb. When we reached JB Sentral, we searched for a places called Landmark Mall because our friend told us many computer shops were located there. About thirty minutes riding around JB, then we found it.
When we entered the mall, we felt something was off. Our feeling was right. The mall were almost empty. Many shops were closed or had moved out. Then we saw some notices that telling us they had moved to another mall that called Danga City Mall. So we got on our motorcycle and searching for the mall. Fadli thought that Danga City Mall maybe located at Danga Bay. Then we went to Danga Bay but the mall was nowhere to be found. About an hour on the motorcycle, we decided to stop for a rest at the Petronas. I went to the counter to ask the workers about the mall direction. They told us that the mall can be reached with this road opposite direction, nearing to JB. So we moved on to continue our journey.
When we reached the Danga City Mall, we were surprised because the mall was just a few kilometers away from the Landmark Mall. Argh, what a waste of time! We entered the mall and searched for my desktop motherboard. After we completed our searching, just one shop from two floors of shops that selling my type of motherboard. At last, our journey really paid off. I bought that motherboard for RM158 and went back to Batu Pahat.
On our way back, it was raining heavily on the highway. But we just went through it and the rain stopped when we reached Machap. We met our classmate at Yong Peng's side stop. We had our meal there and went back to hostel at night. After we arrived at hostel, I quickly assembled the new motherboard into my desktop. But when I turned it on, it can't detect my hard drives. I tested my hard drives at my classmate desktop, it still works perfectly. So I thought maybe this new motherboard was having a problem.


P/S : My broadband line going nuts lately, so I couldn't posting blog as many as before. Sorry guys.


Amizatul Izzati Johari said...
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Alan Tsukasa said...

sian je??

Anonymous said...

Yes, probably so it is

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