Monday, January 31, 2011

Anger - Get To Know It!~

Anger, a word that very familiar to us, as a nature of a personality. Therefore, everyone will feel the anger inside our self when something wrong or bad happen to us. But when we become angry because of something, we are urged to do something bad, such as yelling to other person, saying some F**K words, hitting someone or even killing people. So this anger must be controlled by our self or it will be destructive enough to our self and other people. Although it seems bad to be angry, but there are some goodness in being angry, just when it is in our control.

The downside of anger is you'll never could control yourself from unleashing the anger. Most of the time, angry people can't even think anything else, just do whatever they are capable to do on that time. For example, beating people, doing some vandalism, destroying things around them and the worst, killing people. Ever heard about a girl had been injured by acid by her own lover? What was the cause? Jealousy if I'm not mistaken, but why it become like that? For me, that's the impact of uncontrollable anger. When anger had take over your consciousness, bad things will happen. Either you, other people or the environment will be hurt.

Anger also had it's bright side too, just when it in your control. With anger, you could have a spirit to do something that you've usually lazy to do. Not believe it? Try it. When you have a problem in doing some work, you'll must be angry right? Control your anger by thinking carefully about what you'll do to solve the problem. Then with your anger in control with a solution to solve the problem, you'll be lively solving the problem as soon as possible! If you're angry because of being insulted or teased, control your anger. Then use your anger to think about paying it back with more impact. With this, you can release your anger without doing any ridiculous action or damage to yourself, others and the environment. :)

There are some tips to cool down your anger when you needed. It's easy to do, just needed some courage and patient to do it. First, smile when you are getting angry. Smile on your face could release your face muscles and automatically release your tension. Next tips, take a really DEEP breath and release it with a loud HOOORAAAHHH! That would clear your anger. Another tips is, dive your head in the water and shout as loud as you can in it. You'll feel relieved after doing that. For Muslims, say 'Astagfirullah al-Azim' when feeling anger at something. Insya-Allah the anger will be gone. :)

P/S : I like to smile when I'm angry~

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