Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's Change Your Logon Screen!~

Click this image for a larger view

Have you ever feeling tired with the same logon screen every time when you guys starts your laptops or desktops? Does you ever thinking to change the background on the logon screen like the picture above? Want to know how? So let me show you how! :)

Ever heard of this software? This software can help you guys to change and create your own logon screen background for FREE! :) The use is very simple. You can follow these steps below :-

#1 :- Firstly, install the software and open it.

#2 :- Click 'Create' button, and browse for the background that you wanted. (Choose an image that fits your screen resolution, example : 1280x800)

#3 :- Click 'Open', rename it and click 'Save'.

#4 :- Then click 'Apply' and wallah! You've done! :)

Try it yourself guys! ;) Make a change from the usual things for your own fun! Download the Logon Studio software here:-

P/S :- A day off for me today, thanks to my sickness!~http://www.emocutez.com


kawakibi said...

sexy siot logon screen ko. btw, tak berat ke?

Alan Tsukasa said...

hehehe, anime bese la seksi meksi~
xtrase berat pon, like normal~
try la~

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