Sunday, January 16, 2011

Orange Life!~

Everyone must have at least one of their favorite color. Same goes to me. The color that become my favorite is orange! :) Yeah, it's ORANGE! (Please do spell the word if you didn't sure what color it is.) That color had been my favorite since I'm in Standard One. Since that, many of my things will be in orange color.
You guys can see it in this picture below :-

Click the image for a larger view.

See, my computer and even my toothbrush also are orange in color! :D Hehehe~ My friend once said that people who like orange color such as me is a happy go lucky and cheerful type of person. I think he's right about it. A comic character also using orange color to express that the character is cheerful and alive person, for example Naruto and Kurosaki Ichigo. :)

Like Naruto, the character he brought into the story was a cheerful boy with an ambition to be a Hokage, where he never give up in anything he do. Really an alive character isn't it? :) Huhuhu~ Other people really like this type of people, I don't know why. But for me, I really like to be friendly with any people I've met. I'm being happy go lucky because I'm always being simple in everything I do. When I'm thinking simply, everything seems to be easy and happy to be done. So, I'm happy with everything I've done.

As for today, I'm currently downloading and watching a show titled Waktu Rehat. Really hilarious and bringing back my old time schooling memories. Hehehe~ :) You guys should watch this show, really fun and entertaining, it also in Bahasa Melayu. So it won't be hard to understand what the story is all about.

P/S :- I like drinking 'Teh Ais' because the color is also ORANGE!


abellriyu said...

semuanye oren...hehehe...bkn kurosaki ichigo pon ko xminat sgt ke??? ;p

Alan Tsukasa said...

mase ble aku xminat lak??

eisya said...

kegembiran y m'bawa kebahagiaan...

Alan Tsukasa said...


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