Friday, January 14, 2011

Result & Changes During New Semester~

The new semester had begun. New things to learn, new adventures to be confronted and new knowledge to be discover. I've just formatted my desktop, due to technical problems from it's system before. These past few days I've been busy with my syllabus portfolio. That's why no new post for a few days. Sorry guys. I've also had got my last semester result. Here is it :

Click the image for larger view.

Hehe, not bad isn't it? ;p Don't ask me why I just got a C for my math, cause I don't like math. Hihihi~ There was also a class representatives reshuffling. The result were we got a new class leader, his vice and me as the class secretary. :)

This morning, I've got a warning letter from ADTEC, saying that I haven't paid the studying fees for this semester. I'm really shocked because last Wednesday I've paid the fees at the administration. Then I went to the administration to settle this problem. The one who distributed the letter apparently didn't been notified by the accounting department that I've paid the fees. So I shown the receipt to him and the problem solved. :)
Borrowed my senior portfolio, sorry Wawa. :p

As for today, my syllabus portfolio had 70% completed! The rest will be completed next Monday!~ :)

P/S : Anyone want to be my driver? My driving license had expired yesterday~
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