Friday, January 21, 2011

On-Going Projects & Activities~

This semester seems really pack with projects I assume. That is because I was given a project to make a short videoclip about our lab here. I was asked to be a director, make my own style of videoclips as long as it promoting our lab. Another project was my own final project for sixth semester. This project still in the beginning stage, where I'd survey the items and the budget for the project and then make a proposal for it. The other project was teaching my junior for the Malaysia Skills Competition in this year. They entered the Web Design Course, the one I've entered two years ago. In the same time, I'd should studying for my Course too for the competition. Huhuhu~

For my other side activities, I was asked to prepared a speech for the Monthly Assembly here next month. And of course, in ENGLISH. Huhuhu~ :p I don't have any problem with it, just I'm quite nervous when coming to this task. That's because I'm not used to be a speaker. Hehehe~ Another side activities was creating a new logo for this ADTEC. This one I'm still didn't have any idea to make one, so I'll just waiting for a hint or inspiration coming into my mind. Then I'll make it for real.

In this opportunity, I want to wish a Happy Thaipusam to all my Indian friends. :) Thanks also to them, cause I've got a holiday for today. Hehehe~ As for today, I'm just staying at the hostel due to my plan with Amira Zehar was cancelled yesterday. But nevermind, maybe next time I'll meet her.

P/S :- There is one more activities, that is helping my roommate to buy his new desktop on this Gong Xi Fa Chai holiday. Huhuhu~

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