Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Is Here!~

Farewell 2010, HELLO 2011! :)

As we entering this new year, all the things we've done last year should be remembered to improve and repair ourselves so we could face the new challenges ahead of us. For me, many things that I've done last year. Either good or bad, I just want to apologizes for all the mistakes that I've done and want to forgive my friends that had apologizing to me last year. So, this new year we all will opening a new book, a new episodes of life together. :)

Last night, I'm celebrating the new year with my youngest brother, Haziq. We celebrated it at our nearby pedestrian bridge at Highway DUKE. It's weird isn't it? While others celebrating it at the Dataran Merdeka, KLCC and other interest places, but we just celebrating it on a bridge. Here is the snapshot of it :

See? Here also many people celebrating it with me too! :D Luckily the bridge could sustain such weight. Hahaha~ But the celebration was really fast. When we saw the fireworks, everyone cheering and screaming for the new year. On the top of the bridge, we could see the fireworks from Dataran Merdeka, KLCC and other places nearby. We also saw some 'tanglung' floating at the sky. What a nice view! When the fireworks runs out, all the people here dispersed. Huhuhu~ So, I'm wishing a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my friends! Have a Goodyear tires and a Happy Tree Friends! ;D Hehehe~

P/S : My new year ambitions is : Becoming a KAMEN RIDER!


Ami said...

wah, bestnyer~
Ami sambut New Year kat umah jer, x tengok TV pun..
duk dlm bilik sbb tgh 'angin'..
huhu :(

Alan Tsukasa said...

angin nape??

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