Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Love Being Single?~

Some of my friends asked me, why am I still single, although I have many girl friends. Are they none of my interest or catching my attention? Honestly, I do have interest in some of them, they do catching my attention. But, I have my own reason why I'm still single right now. Not because of phobia, scared or even hating the girls. So I'd listed down all the reasons why I'm still single right here for you guys to know. :)

#1 : I like girls, but they don't like me. - There will no be a win-win situation.

#2 : I'm a 12 years old boy, they are 21 years old lady. - No girls like it.

#3 : I like Japanese, they like Koreans. - There will be a clash of the titans.

#4 : I'm a good boy, they want a bad boy. - It's just too much differences.

#5 : I'm a simple person, they are the complicated ones. - It's just doesn't suits me.

#6 : I have many girl friends, they just don't like it. - Too jealousy aren't likable.

#7 : I like to forgive, they like to scold. - Hot temper will shortened life.

#8 : I'm always giving, they just like to take. - There are no profit here.

#9 : I just do whatever I want to do, they always order me what to do. - Who is the BOSS now?

#10 : I'm independent, they always depending on me. - Sometimes, there are thing that need to be settled by herself.

#11 : I want their love, they want my money. - Different desires will leads to separate ways.

#12 : I'm a happy-go-lucky person, they are bored-to-death person. - I still want to live long enough, I'm not yet married.

#13 : I'm thankful with all I had, they demanding for more. - Unbalanced satisfaction could be a disaster.

#14 : I'd hope they obey, they forced me to obey. - That's forced me to hate.

#15 : I'm understanding, they don't understand me. - Can't make a relationship out of it.

#16 : I'm egoistic, they are also the same! - I just don't know who to be blamed.

#17 : I'm FAT, they rejected me. - They didn't know my stomach really comfortable.

#18 : I'm COOL, they are HOT. - That will cause fever.

#19 : I'm UGLY, they are TRENDY. - Totally not a perfect match.

#20 : Lastly, I'm ADORABLE, they aren't. - That's why I prefer being single.

So guys, please read this post first before asking me the same question over and over again. I'm tired answering the same thing. I don't care being single, I'm free to do anything I want. So, let me enjoy my youth to the fullest okay? :)

P/S : My Grandma ordered me to finished my study and get a job first, then called her when I had enough money to be married because she will arrange it all for me. http://www.emocutez.com


aniS.Kye said...

Sounds to me like ur choosy.

Alan Tsukasa said...

kalo alan yg choosy, xkn la smpai 12 kali kapel~

Fatihah said...

sy tag awk hee


Ami said...

nmpknye kte serupe..
klu jmpe kwn skolah lme, esp lelaki, msti akn tnye, ade boy x..
truthfully cp kt diorg, single yet UNavailable for 8 years.. :P

Alan Tsukasa said...

yeke ami?
awat smpai 8 years?

Ami said...

study smpai degree lbih kurang 6 tahun..
then, nk keje dulu 2 thun, nk kumpul duit dulu..
lbih kurang 8 tahun la..
nk stabilkn kwgn dulu, bru settle down..
insya-Allah, itulah yg dirancangkan..
tp, klu jodoh mmg dtg awal, xleh nk tolak..
kekuasaan Allah kte xtaw kn?

Alan Tsukasa said...

dasat tu~
xpe2, truskan usaha anda~

misH miA said...

alan...single mmg great.tp smpai ble great tu bertahan.think about urself.. :)
anyway.i like ur opinion.mmg btl pn.hehe

Amizatul Izzati Johari said...

HahahxD Kao dgr cakap Opah tuh. Bawak keberkatan. HAHA:DD

Alan Tsukasa said...

mia - sbb pikir diri sdri la jd cmni~ ;D hehehe~

misae - tgh nk dgr la ni~ ;p lalalala~

Ga-In said...

oit! alan pun ade belog rupenye.
agak2 if aq nak plagiat part2 yg no# tu leh tak,
ti aq bg kredit.
coz best la plak.haha

Ga-In said...

aku sab. ni link blog aq redwhiteapples.blogspot.com

Alan Tsukasa said...

ade je~
okay2, amek lew~
xde hal~

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