Thursday, December 9, 2010

25 Facts, Not Guns Okay?~

Oh my, I've been tagged by one of my friend to listed twenty-five facts about myself. Ahh, do I need to list it all out? I think everyone knows much about me right? Hehehe~ :D But never mind, I'll list it all in this post for today.

#1 - Full name - Mohamad Azlan Najmuddin Bin Mohamad Shahid. It's long isn't it?

#2 - Still SINGLE, spell the word if you are not sure about it.

#3 - Just start blogging since last month, novice blogger I assume.

#4 - My gadget is ONLY my SE C510.

#5 - Height 180cm, Weight 95kg. Yeah, I know I'm FAT.

#6 - Clumsy in dressing, but it's better than naked.

#7 - Wearing a glasses, I'm nearsighted since Form 3.

#8 - Prefer a desktop than a laptop, only because I have one.

#9 - Computer MANIAC, can stay up for a whole day for a computer problem.

#10 - Kamen Riders and Super Sentais DIE HARD FAN! No football please.

#11 - One Thumbs Up for Japan, Two Thumbs Down for Korea. You know what I mean.

#12 - Most wanted food in my life - Fried rice with fried egg.

#13 - Not really interested in any brands, but most importantly to me it is MADE IN MALAYSIA.

#14 - My hips is BIGGER than my stomach, I don't know why.

#15 - Like to wear rope-less shoes.

#16 - Have a car and motorcycle license but I want a marriage certificate.

#17 - I like walking so much, that's why my mother always asked me to go shopping with her.

#18 - Love to join many activities. So when I'm tired, I can go to sleep as much as I want.

#19 - People don't laugh when I make jokes, but people do laugh when I'm serious.

#20 - I have two voices, one is a voice of a human being, another is a voice of a Donald Duck.

#21 - I like girls, but they don't like me. Huhuhu~

#22 - Not afraid of a doctor, especially nurses.

#23 - When I'm alone in my room, I play my mp3s, turn them on loud and sing along with the songs.

#24 - Always do anything at last minute because don't want to be bored after what I have to do had been settled earlier.

#25 - I'm always been a simple person but everyone think I'm a complicated guy.


That's all guys. I don't want to tag anyone in this post, so just do if anyone want to do this twenty-five facts. ;) I've also don't have any idea for new post right now. Hehehe~ So sorry guys. :p See ya all around in another day.

P/S :- Anyone can give me an idea to do when I feel boring??
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