Wednesday, December 22, 2010

4 A.M In The Morning~

Last Monday, at the morning I was going to see my best friend, Nadiah at the hospital. But the visiting hours really too late for me, on twelve thirty in the afternoon. So, I'd didn't even had a time visiting her at the hospital that day, I'm sorry Nad. :p Later that afternoon, I'd quickly rushed to Shah Alam to pick up my Facebook friend. She asked me to help her buying a new laptop. So, I brought her to Low Yat Plaza and bought her a Dell Inspiron 14. The specification can be viewed here :-

After settled at Low Yat, I'd sent her back home at six o'clock. My friend Luqman had sent his desktop at my home for repair on that day, but until now I can't start doing the repair because of some technical problems. I guess, today I'll do the repair.

As for today, I'd just staying at home while online Facebook until afternoon. At the afternoon, I've made some installation in my mother's laptop. Some new softwares I've download because many softwares in my desktop hard disk were corrupt. Huhuhu~ At night, I'd went to Puchong to see my adopt sister there. She's having a laptop problem and wanted me to format it. So, I'd formatted it in front of her until finished. While waiting the formatting finished, we talked about many things, although that were our first meeting. Really, she was a talkative girl, a matured one. I'm glad knowing and having her as my adopt sister. :) Then I've returned home at four o'clock, just now. Huhuhu~ What a tiring days.

P/S :- Both of my Facebook friend and my adopt sister were having first time meeting with me.

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