Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life As A Problem?~

As for today, I drove my Perdana from KL to Batu Pahat. That was because my father can't come to pickup my items here on Thursday. So my father allowed me to bring the Perdana here for me to pickup all the items myself. I'd never mind it, cause I don't want to trouble my father with my problems.

While speaking about problem, everyone HAVE problem, no one can escape that. It's because life itself is a problem for us to solve until we die. Peoples who doesn't have any problem don't have a life itself, just like a robot. But why do us COMPLAINT about our problems? Why many peoples HATE problems? They want a life without any problems, but do they knew that problem itself is a life? For me, those problems will TEACH us how to live, how to survive and how to solve our daily routines. It also always give us new challenges in our life, to make our life INTERESTING and SPECIAL!

Didn't anyone noticed, having a problem and successfully solving it is a SATISFACTION? Try to ask anyone that had settled their problems, what was their feeling after solving their problem? Almost everyone will feel glad and happy after solving a problem in their life. Furthermore, some of them will ask for more! Because the feeling can't be replaced with anything. So why don't we try to solve any problems that lies ahead of us? :)

For solving problems, always and ALWAYS DO IT YOURSELF! Never ever troubled anyone else in your own problems. If you do, the problem will grow bigger than before. But if you can't do it alone or needed help, always ask for help. Sometimes there are some problems that needed more than one person to solve it. So when other people come to help out solving the problem, it will solve the problem faster and the satisfaction can be shared together.

So guys, THINK AGAIN! Don't blame God or other peoples when you got a problem in your life. It's natural, everyone had their own problems, either do I. Just calm down, clear your mind and think about solving your problem. Don't be rush and panicking in solving the problem, it WON'T work. Remember that! :)

P/S : I don't blamed her because of my problem, I only blamed her for her irresponsibility.http://www.emocutez.com


kawakibi said...

nice, alan, mcmana ko edit footer eh?

Alan Tsukasa said...

ko login dlu akaun google ko, pastu ko bkak page blog ko~
nnt kat footer ade logo spanar ngan skrudriver~
ko klik je logo tu~

samsollis said...

penin penin.. problem is my friend =))

Alan Tsukasa said...

cam lagu lenka - trouble is a friend~

.ima. said...

setujuu~ ;)

Alan Tsukasa said...


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