Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday's Tiring Week!~

So sorry for no new post about five days. I'm so busy last week, I didn't even had a time to post a blog and Facebooking. Huhuhu~ Just for today, I've got time to post a new blog. This is a summary for all my activities throughout last week. :)

Monday : Went to Hospital Selayang to see Nadiah, but for some reason, it was cancelled at last minute, went to Shah Alam to pick up Fatin and brought her to Low Yat Plaza, helped her to buy a new laptop, sent her back to Shah alam and hang out with my buddies.

Tuesday : Doing some home work, cooking, cleaning and other stuffs, went to Puchong to see my adopt sister and repair her laptop.

Wednesday : Repair two PCs and a laptop for the whole day.

Thursday : Went to school, settling my younger sister's schooling process and hanging out with besties.

Friday : Went to Bentong, Pahang in the early morning, back at KL at ten, went to pick up my friends from their home to Time Square, went to the mosque for Friday's prayer, went to Kota Damansara to repair my friend's laptop, brought her and her friend to KTM Sentul, pick up my friend at LRT Wangsa Maju, sent her home, went back home and brought my family to Bagan Datoh.

Saturday : Staying at my Grandma's house (no internet), brought my grandma to the wet market, went to night market with cousins, went to my Ex-GF's family restaurant, but she wasn't there anymore.

Sunday : Returned to KL in the early morning, went to pick up my besties at their houses, brought them to my ex-classmate engagement ceremony, sent them back, went to 'warung' to see soccer with my friends.

What a week right? A holiday should be a restful day, but for me, it's just another busy, tiring and playful day~ :) Nevertheless, my holiday filled with activities, not bored. Hehehe~

P/S : Congratulations to HARIMAU MALAYA TEAM that beaten GARUDA TEAM for 3-0 yesterday!

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