Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday's Congratulations & Chou Den-O Complete!~

Today is Friday, where many of my friends are getting their results. Well, congratulations to them all. Keep up the good work. For those who didn't perform well, don't worry, try harder next semester okay? :)

As for me, the day after tomorrow will be my Final Exam Week. Huhuhu~ Looking forward to settle the score with the exam papers. :p Starting Sunday, there will be a Math Paper in the evening. On Monday, my Science Paper in the evening too and on Wednesday, my last paper, Core Subject Paper in the evening also. But on Thursday, my Semester Break start! :D Hehehe~ Can't wait for this holiday!

For this coming Semester Break, there are many plans-to-do in my brain already. But my priority, my friends who are waiting for me to service their laptops and desktops. My mum's laptop also not in good condition right now. So many computer works I'll have to do when I arrived at Kuala Lumpur. I'm also looking forward to hangout with my best friends, really miss them all. Then there are some of my friends that want to meet me this holiday. I don't know if I could meet them all but I'll try my best. Yeah of course, for my cousins, we'll go for a holiday like we planned okay! :D Hehehe~ For now, I want to download Kamen Rider Movie, Chou Den-O - Episode Yellow. It's just been released two days ago. Yeah, at last I can complete my Kamen Rider Den-O collections. :)

P/S :- Wish me good luck for my Final Exam, thanks!~

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