Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Done Editing, A Good Luck & Double Birthdays!~

As for yesterday, I was busy making a picture of my class students. It took me about eight hours to made the picture because of thinking about the ideas for the picture that will look fantastic enough to be remembered. :) While doing it, I'd downloaded two new Kamen Rider Trilogy Movies, that were Chou Den-O Episode Red and Chou Den-O Episode Blue. There was one more movie in the trilogy, that was Chou Den-O Episode Yellow. I'm looking forward to downloaded it when it is available to be download. Huhuhu~ Here is the picture of my class that I'd made of :-

Fantastic isn't it? Hehehe~ This was the result of eight hours of critical thinking to make a picture. Arrgghh! Hope this really worth it. :D

As for today, I want to wish a good luck to all my seniors in Sixth Semester for their Final Project Presentation. For three months they've making and creating their projects and now is the time for their projects to be shown to the panels that will judges whether they passed it or not. Do your best my fellow seniors! :)

As for today also, there are two of my friends that celebrating their birthday together in the same date. They are Muhammad Farhan Bin Bador and Nor Assila Binti Johari. They were my classmate at my Secondary School back then since I was in Form One. So, I wish them a blessed life, longevity, success in everything they do and happy always. Amin. ;)

P/S :- Unexpected person suddenly contacted me and amazingly we chat like we've known each other for a long time.


Harith said...

Wow, ko bagi aku idea alan, I like hehe..
Btw, Hapy bday mr.Jiraiya haha..

Nurfatin Liyana said...

entri utk saye time besday saye ade tak? wahahahhaa. :)

Alan Tsukasa said...

meor - idea ape tu?? ko jgn wat yg bukan2 lak~ ;D ahahahaha~

aten - birthday aten ble ek? ;p nnt roger taw~ bru leh de entri~ hehehehe~ :D

Insan yang Bosan said...

Hahahaha....semalam dah post komen, pastu boleh ilang plak. Papepun ko memang Raja Edit. Hahahaha

Alan Tsukasa said...

over sgt tu~

Nurfatin Liyana said...

da lepas ponggg -_-

Alan Tsukasa said...

kne tggu next year plak la~

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