Monday, December 13, 2010

Your Life, Your Wishes!~

What do you want in your life? What is your wish for your life? Do you really know what do you want in your life? As for me, I had my own wish, my own desire for my own life. How about you?

"Do you want an Imagin to grant your own wishes?" - Scene from Kamen Rider Den-O Series

The important question is :- Do you have a WISH in your life? This is because many people doesn't even know what they REALLY want in their life. Yeah, that's right! In this modern times, many people didn't even realize this important thing in their life. Thus, they just follow the flow and let others influenced them to be according to the environment. So this kind of people, doesn't even have an identity for himself, furthermore they tries to be an another person that totally different than they once had been.

Like many students, they don't even know what they want to do at the university. They just entering the university, attending all the classes there, taking their exams and graduate from there. Then they just go to work with their certificate from the University and eventually, not everything that they learnt in university will be applied when working. Many people thinks, going to the university will guaranteed a good job and salary. One question arise, do those graduates get a GOOD job and salary? From what we can read from newspaper nowdays, many graduates are jobless and can't even find a job that suitable with their certificates. How come this could had happened?

Without a wish in someone's life, his life is worthless. Furthermore, it can be misguided and will become something that could harm other lives. Life must be guided, bounded and in control so it will never be derailed from the way that one had been selected.

For me, there is more to life than anything else. In my life, I just wishing to be happy in my life. Happy with my family, happy with my friends and happy with all that ever known me. So, I'm happy with everything I do in my life. I enjoyed myself, I'd had no regret. This what makes my life filled with happiness all along and not to be forget, this is all from Allah S.W.T. Just be grateful for what He had given me and you all in our life. But make sure that you have your own wishes for your own life to ensure your life will always being guided, bounded and in your control.

P/S :- Going back to KL for a moment today.
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