Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Idiots In The Examination~

It's 1st December today, my exams for this week were FINISHED! Hehehe~ :) The exam for today was quite easy. Just took my pencilgun and shots at whatever answers that I like. Same as Counter Strike game.

As for today's exam, I've prepared all my things that needed for my exam yesterday. My pens, pencil, sharpener, rubber and a calculator (no need for a ruler because my Matrix Card can be a ruler for me). I've putted them in a plastic like the SPM students had. That was because I don't have any pencil case. So I'd brought the plastic, Matrix Card and my IC to the Examination Hall. When I've arrived at the hall, some students laughed at me because I've looked like a SPM candidate, not a ADTEC student. I'd just ignored them because I didn't care about what they were thinking about me. It's me who taking my exam, not them.

When I'm entering the hall, my classmate Kai wanted to sit with me. I'm okay with that. So when I sat at my place, those idiots still laughing at me. I didn't know why they were so excited when looking at my preparation for exam. So I'd just ignored them again. Before the examination started, the examination prefect leader read out the rules for the examination. One of the rules was NO PENCIL CASES ARE ALLOWED IN THE HALL. I'd immediately laughed hard! Those idiots that were laughing at me just then suddenly silenced, because all of them need to rid off their pencil cases from the hall. That's what they deserved for laughing at me. HAHAHAHA! :D When they came back to their seats, every one of them looking unsatisfied with me. Do they think I cared at them?? Hopeless guys!

The examination held for an hour and a half, the first half and the third half, anybody can't go out from the hall. Only for the second half that any student that had finished answering the exam paper can go out from the hall. So, I'd made it to finished answering my exam paper in half an hour. When the examination prefect leader announced that any student that had finished answering can leave the Examination Hall, I'd immediately stood up and packing my stationeries into the plastic. Everyone looked at me, especially those idiots that laughing at me before the examination started. With a smile on my face, I'd walked out from the hall, leaving those idiots. They looked really frustrated when they saw me finished answering my exam paper. Yeah, they DESERVED IT! My lecturer, En. Hisyam was one of the examination prefects asking me, 'Do you really settled your exam paper?' I'd just said 'YES!', with a smile. He really didn't believe that I'd finished the exam paper so fast. Then I'd walked to the cafeteria for my breakfast.

P/S : They were in no places to laughed on me, HELL YEAH!


Insan yang Bosan said...

Fuh....memang Gempak !

eisya said...

npe seblum exam xg sarapan dlu???

Alan Tsukasa said...

pa'an - gempak tang ane tu? ;D hehehe~

sya - dh exam pkul 8.30pg, mane sempat nk sarapan~ ;p

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