Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why Some Boys Do Hate Girls?~

Girls are beautiful things in the world, they completed every boy lives and make it wonderful and amazing. But they don't know, sometimes they are too annoying to the boys. Instead of making the boy's life wonderful, they make it into chaos and insane. That's why some boys do hate girls, although they do love them. These boys think of girls as a source of their problems and they can't coupe with it. Boys are freestyle, like hang-outs, flexible, egoistic, leader type, constantly change, energetic, daredevil and playful kind of human. So, some girls didn't like how do the boys behave especially to the boy they loved. When they don't like, they want to change it. That's why relationships, don't last for a long time. Here are some reasons why boys forced to hate girls :-

#1 - Queen Control - This kind of girls, TOTALLY been hated by boys. No one like to be controlled forcefully.

#2 - Always complaint, constantly - This is what boys don't want to hear every hour and every minute. Boys do have their own problems, don't ever troubled them more with complaining.

#3 - Too much demands - When girls in love with the boys, they always demanding too much to the boys. Boys do care to the girls demands, but when it become TOO MUCH, boys will leave them in an instance.

#4 - Being sulky, easily - Truly, sulky is cute factor of a girl, but when it's too much, that's what boys called 'ANNOYING!'.

#5 - Un-independent - Many girls really can't be independent, always depending on boys. Sometimes, boys will come to the rescue, but when girls needing help in almost everything, boys will come too, come to the conclusion to leave the girl.

#6 - Hot tempered - This will challenging the boys ego, furthermore will ignites to a fight. Thus, no one can stand this.

#7 - Like to force - Boys are like a piece of steel beam, it won't break with force. If girls want to change boys, screw their heart with your love.

#8 - Irresponsible - Boys are born with many responsibility, so that's why boys hate someone irresponsible.

#9 - Dishonestly - No one likes to be cheated.

 #10 - Miss Jealousy - Jealous is the way that shows a girl really loves the boy, but when it's too much, this title can be given as an award.

#11 - Busybody in training - Want to know something from boys, it really doesn't matter. Want to know everything from boys, ACCESS DENIED! Even kids have their own secrets.

#12 - Invade friends territories - Every nations have their territories, same goes to the boys. If someone invades the boy's friends territories, that's could starts a WORLD WAR!

#13 - Stubborn headed - Better don't be with boys, they are leaders, not girls.

#14 - Taking advantages - In our life, that is needed. But in a relationship, it's just the reason to be separate.

#15 - Negative thinking - Always thinking bad about boys, that means praying them to be like that.

So girls, don't take boys lightly. Wrong steps in understanding the boys, will cause the relationship in chaos. No one wants to be sad in a relationship. So make yours a best one until marriage. :) Good luck!

P/S :- No one understand me more than my Mama.


Amizatul Izzati Johari said...

HahahahahhahahaxD Dr Love kao neh. xD

Alan Tsukasa said...

perli ekk?

Insan yang Bosan. said...

Sugoi ! Hahahaha

Alan Tsukasa said...


samsollis said...

if sam the good kisser type women so guy x benci lah kn. hahahhahahaha funny lah formula bot guy?

Alan Tsukasa said...

taw xpe~
tp alan pnye formula xcmtu ek~
lain post ok~

Ga-In said...

aq rse guys n girls pun mutual la lan.
coz aq pun x ske guys yg da ciri2 cm kt ats,
ske merungut, mrajuk, childish, irresponsible.mencik! haha

Alan Tsukasa said...

aku pn rase camtu aa~
nseb bek aku xcamtu~

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