Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Profile Layout Header Tutorial!~

Recently, Facebook had changed their user's Profile Layout. Many users complaint and uncomfortable with the new layout. Some says, it's too compact with many pictures, new status and wall post are hidden, no privacy (all comment posts will be displayed) and much more. It's true, even for me. But I'll try to coupe with it because I know after a while, EVERYONE will changed into the new layout profile. So, just bear with it and enjoy your life with it. :)

Speaking of enjoy, I'm enjoying the new layout now. Want to know why? It has a special feature that I've also didn't think of. But I've saw one of my friend in Facebook using it, it looks SO COOL! The special feature is "SPECIAL FACEBOOK HEADER"! Still confused? See these example below :-

Really nice isn't it? :) Although it wasn't fully a header and the size can't be adjust, but it's still can be awesome if the header is colorful and attracting. Here is the tutorial to make one of those :-

First, make your own header that sized 485x67 pixels.

Secondly, crop your header into five pieces, each one had 97x67pixels size.

Thirdly, make a album at your Facebook account and upload those five pieces of header in it. Make sure the album can be viewed by everyone.

Fourthly, tag yourself in each pieces from backward.

Finally, refresh your profile and see the results! :)

That's all the steps, but remember to turn off the tagged picture privacy. If not, other users couldn't see your header. Just change it to Friends Only or Everyone. Give it a try guys! :)

P/S :- My semester break starts TODAY!!


Nurfatin Liyana said...

whoaaaaaaaaa. cool! :)

|cah-sahaJa said...

thanx2.. tapi kan lalan.. kalo ade org tag len gamba tu akan bergerak.. so i got new idea.. lalan pndh sume masuk profile picture then susun dalam folder pro pic tu dr gamba ke3.. yang first n kedua tu bia je gamba len.. pastu lalan private gamba tag... :)

Alan Tsukasa said...

fatin - taw xpe~ :D

icah - ala, org len tag bru, just tekan je pangkah pd pic baru tu kat profile~ pe susah? :)

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