Friday, December 3, 2010

Tiring Week, OVER!~

A tiring week was over by today, luckily I'd got four days of holiday starting tomorrow. What a relief, I could get much rest as I want it to. Huhuhu~ As for yesterday, my English lecturer was asking for my help in formatting her desktop. She wanted me to install Windows 7 into her desktop. So, she gave me the desktop yesterday evening. This was her desktop looks like :-

An Acer brand one, using micro tower form factor desktop. Really lightweight, small and easy to carry or put at anywhere. For the downside, the micro tower form factor really limiting the space for any upgrade to the desktop. It also can become warm fast because the components inside are really fitted together near each other. So the air inside will become thin and heating fast. I'd completed formatting the desktop by this morning and passed it to my lecturer by afternoon. As the reward, she bought me a dinner plate of KFC. Thanks Miss Kohilah! :)

And as for me, this was the result after having a week of tiring days.

Kawaii isn't it??? Hehehehe~ :D New hairstyle after the exams.

P/S : Alhamdulillah, all of my practical exams I'd passed with ease.


Amizatul Izzati Johari said...

EEEEii, rambut kao wehhhhh. HAHAHxD

Alan Tsukasa said...

smart kan??

arini_puteri krs said...

kelakar siot rambut hang... hahaah ;)

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