Monday, December 6, 2010

Wanna Play a Death Game?~

Today as usual, nothing much happened. Another bored day in a holiday. I'd downloaded a new episode of Kamen Rider OOO and a new Japanese movie titled Death Game Park. I'd watched it and amazingly, the movie was worthy to be downloaded.

The story is about 13 people were in a Death Game that had been created by someone. The Death Game consisted 5 stages, each stage will testing their essential to live. The First Stage, the players must play hide and seek with the Oni while searching for the Key Cards for opening the door to the next stage. The Second Stage, the players will face a Insight Test, where all the players will sit at a chair while their neck will be bind with a string. If the player give a wrong answer, the string will choke them to death. The players who passed the Insight Test will move on to the Third Stage. This stage will test the players intelligence in solving problems. There is a bomb that they have to defuse it in fifteen minutes. Then they will enter Fourth Stage, a closed space filled with a toxic gas. This stage will test their will to live, whether they choose to kill or to be killed. After that, here comes the Fifth and Last Stage. This stage will test the players luck, where they need to advancing forward through a place that filled with high voltage lasers. The player who passed this five stages will be freed alive. Really thrilling movie, I'd suggest you guys should watch it! :)

Download it here :-

A special highlight for today, I'd activated back my Facebook account. Hehehe~ :) Really missed it for a month and two weeks. See ya at Facebook!

P/S :- After finished downloading, my broadband suddenly sucks~

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