Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Best Friends~

YEAH! My exam for today was settled! Hehehehe~ :D Not so difficult, but still challenging. Now, tomorrow's Objective Paper is left in my Core Subject Final Exam. Huh, feeling impatient to finishing this semester. Really need a long holiday. Ohh, I'm missing my best friends at KL already now. Missing my time hanging out together with them.

Maybe you guys wondering who were my best friends that always hanging out with me at KL. So I'll introduces them to you all here. :)

Name : Muhammad Farhan Bin Bador
Nickname : Master 'Lawyer' Jiraiya
Info : Joker, smart talker, modest, simple person with complicated mind, natural genius (no doubt about it), like History and politic so much, shy-shy cat (but don't play-play, cat can become a lion!) and sporting person.

Name : Muhammad Nu'man Bin Zainuddin
Nickname : Man 'Brader' Ensem
Info : Silent and modest one, always smiling, simple and humble, caring, helpful, a little bit serious and a hardworking person.

Name : Muhd Nazrin Bin Azmi
Nickname : Naz 'Subsidary'
Info : Smart talker, humorous, modest, simple, political minded and a little bit 'naughty' person.

Name : Mohd Azlan Bin Omar
Nickname : Encah 'Lan-O'
Info : A carefree one, always doing things that out of our expectation, unpredictable, crazy headed, joker and dependable person.

Name : Fhadrul Bin Irwan
Nickname : Acheh 'Legendria'
Info : A crazy head one, joker, kind and helpful, a little bit hot tempered but determined in everything he do and tokusatsu fan like me.

Name : Muhd Nizar Bin Sulaiman
Nickname : Nizar 'Starfish'
Info : Always laugh, a straightforward guy, like drawing and arts, noob looking but kind hearted one.

Name : Nurul Nadiah Binti Ahmad
Nickname : Nad 'Melayang'
Info : Kind hearted girl with a brave heart, always smiling and cheering up other people, dependable and helpful.

Well, there's more of my friends, but this were the BEST ones out from all of them. I've feel lucky to met them because it's hard to find a friend just like they be to me. As my father always said, your closest friend will determined your personality, so what I'm now is what I learned from them. Thanks a lot guys because always being my best friend since primary school. Thanks for everything. :) Finally for Nad, hope your baby will be born healthy and safely! Amin.

P/S : Oh my worm babies, when do you all will be born from my stomach???  http://www.emocutez.com


Insan yang Bosan said...

Hahaha..... wow, gambo sy kat atas sekali tu. hahaha. Trimas2. Tp bile ko balik nnt, sy dah balik UIA.... xdpt la nak jumpe...

Alan Tsukasa said...

ala, cam la UIA tu jauh la sgt dr umah awak, anytime leh dtg jemput~

Insan yang Bosan said...

Hahahaha..... betol gak tu. UIA x jauh macam UUM.hahaha

Alan Tsukasa said...

taw xpe~
ntah ble la kte nk ke sane???

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