Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Event Begin~

Hello guys! Sorry because I didn't post anything for yesterday, I'm just too busy with the preparation of the event that held today. YEAH TODAY! AND IT WAS A SUCCESS! :D

Although there were some errors and technical problems occurred, but the event still running smoothly. Our event theme color were black and red, so everything for the event we'd made it that color. Our t-shirts, tags, banners, and other stuffs too, it looked very elegant and smart. Our event started on 8.30am, launched by our President of Southern Continent ILJTM, Mr. Zaibidin Bin Abdul Samad. We also invited other ILP's and ADTEC students to come and cherish our event. There were some conference, exhibition and a game tournament held on the event. The panels for the conference were from Malaysian Cyber Emergency Response Team (MyCERT), one student from ILP Ledang, one student from ADTEC Melaka and one of our own student.

The conference was about the cyber security and digital self defense, where the audience can learn many info about the security that is needed for a network or a computer, how do the hackers doing their hacking, how to prepare a self defense against hacking and viruses, method that used to hack and a way to prevent it. Our exhibition was about the operating systems that were different from Microsoft Windows such as Fedora, Open Suse, Ubuntu and others. There also had some information gallery about hacking history, kind of viruses, ways to prevent hacking and much more in our exhibition. For the tournament, we invited the students from other ILP and ADTEC to join the Counter Strike Tournament. The winner of the tournament was the team from ILP Mersing. Congratulation to them!

As for us, all our efforts and ideas were really worth it, the event really satisfied our Division Head. She even congratulated us and praised us for the successful event held under our Division. Hehehe~ We expect she would give us high marks for this assignment. YEAH, THIS EVENT WAS OUR ASSIGNMENT! What a hard one we had. Finally, by end of today, everybody were happy with our own event was settled. Thank you so much for all the effort that you've guys putted on for this event. At last, we've going to have a really nice holiday for Hari Raya Aidiladha and our Graduation Day at Terengganu this Saturday. But don't forget, our final exam JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Good luck!~ :)

P/S : I won't be posting any blog until Monday next week due to Aidiladha holiday and my Graduation Day. So sorry for the inconveniences. SALAM AIDILADHA~ :)

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