Friday, November 12, 2010

Nearing The Deadline~

Huh, what a busy day yesterday. I'm so tired making the preparation for the event that will be held on next Monday. So I didn't had any chance to post a new blog for yesterday. For that reason, I'll post two new blog for today. Yesterday I was making another pass for the Indian girls in my class and my lecturers. But the lecturers was attending their exam on that time. So I used their passport sized picture in the pass. Some of my lecturers face in the passport sized picture looking really funny. Their faces in the picture really different compared to the faces now. Then I made the banner that I've designed to be a sticker for my desktop. When I made the sticker, Amin saw it and suddenly gave me an idea to make the banner as a bookmark for the guests on the event. Yeah, why not? At least they have something to remember the event.

So last night I began to make the bookmark design at the class. On that night, Elai, Nasrul and Huda were practicing their cooking skill for the Chef Challenge that will be held this evening. My division head had prepared the ingredients needed for their menu. They practiced at the Cafe's kitchen. At the class, my classmates were making their works on the booth contents. They also asked me to draw the Linux Penguin on the polystyrene board. Haha, how they know that I can draw beautifully? ;p

I've managed to finish the bookmark design on 11.30pm, by then Nasrul, Elai and Huda had complete their cooking. They brought the food to the class and shared them with the classmates. But unfortunately I didn't had a chance to have a taste of their cooking. I didn't mind it because after I arrived at my hostel, quickly I boiled some water and made a maggie soup for dinner. After that, I directly went to bed, leaving my math assignment incomplete.

This is my bookmark design, using the banner design on the front and some advices at the back. Simple and useful. :)

P/S : Maxis broadband line for these two days suddenly SUCK! :(

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