Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Deepavali To My Indian Friends!~

Today is a holiday for the Indians that celebrating their Deepavali day. I also had my holiday today, but only at my hostel. Many of my friends had gone to their hometown, enjoying their holiday. But for me, just enjoying watching Engine Sentai Go-Onger the whole day. 

While watching the *tokusatsu show, I've downloaded a brand new operating system named Chromium OS that is developed by Google. 

It seems like a super-fast and lightweight operating system, but I haven't try using it yet. It is also a open source program, so it is FREE of charge. I've read about it at, Chromium OS is a web based operating system that functions through online almost about everything. Like its applications for an example, all of its applications won't be installed to the system, it just can be used through online only. That is why this operating system is super-fast and lightweight. Anyway, let me try it first and I will post a review for it sooner or later on in my blog okay? So, happy holiday guys!

*tokusatsu - a word to desribe the taskforces (Super Sentai) and Masked Riders show in Japan.

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