Saturday, November 13, 2010

Line Down, Broken Shoes, Congratulations and Double Trouble~

I want to say sorry because I didn't had a time for posting a blog for yesterday. My broadband line was down for the whole night yesterday. What happened Maxis???? For 4 days the line was down. I've paid for the line you know! :(

As for yesterday, my shoes was broken again for a THIRD time in six months! Now, I don't even have any shoes to wear when attending my classes. What a bad luck I had. Huhu~ I don't have any money to buy a new shoes right now, so I just wore different shoe on each feet. That was because each shoes were broken in different pair, so I just wear the unbroken ones to class. Haha~ No one noticed it until I've told them about it. ;p

But still, the preparation for the event was still going on. I've done too many works such as designing banner, passes, bookmarks, preparing the hall, and even making the hall's entrance decorations. Too tired and exhausted last night. For the cooking competition, Elai, Nasrul and Huda's cooking were the winner. They made a Jawa's Nasi Goreng, Pengat Pisang and the other one I forgot its name. Hehehe~ Congratulations to them. :)

As for my assignment, it just getting doubled! My math lecturer added a new assignment as the result that we didn't enter his class yesterday. We were so sorry sir! Huhuhu~

P/S : Waiting excitedly for this Aidiladha holiday~ :)

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