Monday, November 8, 2010

Surprises For Today~

Someone wake me up this morning. Thanks to her. Hehe~ My class today was quite a surprise. I didn't bring my file case and any pen to class. Because I thought the activities in the class would be the same as last week. I've just brought my pendrive as usual. When I entered my class, my head division asked me about the banner design for the event. I showed her the design and she praised me for the design I've made. But still, she wants me to adjust the design for a bit. So I took my time adjusting the design until break time. After having my breakfast, suddenly my lecturer came in the class bringing the test paper for his subject. Everyone surprised with the test because the lecturer never told anyone in the class about the test. So, no one was prepared for the test, especially ME!!

That was because I haven't brought any paper with me including my pen! On that time, I borrowed Nur's pen and Rynn's test pad for the test. Since I haven't prepared anything for the test, so I just wrote down the answer as I pleased according to what I could think on that time. Ahh, that gave me a headache. Soon after the test had ended, my head division came again to my class for the banner design. This time she satisfied with the design and want me to create another banner for the inner display in the event. Oh my, I couldn't make it on that time because all of my items for the design was in my desktop at my hostel. So she want the design to be finished after the afternoon break time.

I've started making the design as soon as I've arrived at my hostel. It took me about 45 minutes to complete the design. That really makes my brain cramped for a while. Huhu~ When I came to the class at the evening, my head division came early to get the design from me. She praised me for the design and straight went to the shop that could produce the banners. What a relief, my works were done for now. Huhu~ These is the design that I've made earlier :-

As for today, there is someone that celebrating her birthday today. Although she had engaged with other guy, but I still remember her well. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALMIEY AKMA. Wish you all the best in your life. May Allah bless you. Amin. :)

P/S : Tomorrow is a birthday of something that very, very, very close to me, always. Hehehe~ ;p

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