Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Whole Day Tension~

Arghh!! What a day today!! For the whole day I'm servicing a laptop that had problem until now! This is the first time I've facing such a problem since I started repairing and servicing laptops and desktops. Today I had to service a M-Life laptop. I bet you all never or didn't heard such a brand name right? I've checked the laptop specification, quite okay. But when it comes to the driver installation, IT BECOME WORST UNEXPECTEDLY!

Firstly I've formatted the laptop into Windows XP. After finish formatting the laptop, I've installed the laptop's driver, but I can't find the wireless LAN driver for this laptop. So I googled for the driver software, but nowhere to be found. TOO WEIRD! The owner of the laptop also had lost the driver's CD. Really a bad luck that she had. Huhu. Making the situation worst, I've tried many kind of wireless driver, but NONE of them works perfectly! This thing really starting to make me pissed off. Luckily Nasrul gave me an idea to solve the problem. I tried using the Driver Genius to detect the wireless model and it works. It's a Ralink Wireless Driver. Huh, one problem solved right now.

After that, I downloaded the driver software for the laptop, that really consumed my time waiting for it to finish. When I've finished download, I tried to install it in the laptop. Surprisingly, IT FAIL! I started to losing my temper but I tried it again and again and again. For some reason that I didn't know, the installation kept failing again and again and AGAIN! Yeah, it does feel SUCK! :( Then I restarted the laptop. The problem came into the climax when it won't start the Windows normally. My tension came to the eruption stage and 1, 2, 3!!.............

My pillow went out over the window, after its been RIDER KICKED by me.

Finally I formatted the laptop once again and installed the driver all in the Safe Mode. It works well. Huhuhu~ What a day you've made me into, crappy laptop!

P/S : I've bought the ticket to return home on Aidiladha. Yay! :)


|cah-sahaJa said...

elek la brader... :)
but siyesly me also xpnh dgr bout this lappy.. hoo

Alan Tsukasa said...

really? but it has another brand name for this kind of laptop, ever heard F-Tec laptop?

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