Sunday, November 28, 2010

Love Life?~

Another fine day for today, nothing much I've done today. Just washing the clothes and hangout in my own room. My downloads were running smoothly, I'm currently downloading Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode Four. Hehehe~ :) Looking forward to watch it. Last night, someone trying to fooled me up, but failed. Hahahaha~ You didn't got me yet, but almost had me. ;p This morning, one of my high school junior had a chat with me. Still asking about my Facebook account. Ahh mou! When the time comes, I'll activate my Facebook account again okay? Fullstop!

Then there was another question from her, about my love life. Arrgghh! Not this again. :( I have someone in my mind already now, but the situation wasn't the right time to be serious in love. She also not ready to be in love to, so just live our own life freely for now. Be free to do whatever we want to do. But if she isn't meant for me, so I will let it go and wish her happy with her life. Huhuhu~ Until now, I had been in love for twelve times. For twelve times my heart were broken. Huhuhu~ Come to think that I'm going to find the thirteenth love, it just wasn't easy as before. I want to find a woman that really flexible, independent and suits me in every aspect. For now, she just fitted the criteria I've wanted but I don't want to force her to accept me. Beauty is just a bonus, not what that I'm looking for. Most importantly, the one that I'm looking for must be a well-educated Islamic woman and care most of her family.

As for my ex lovers, I'm still loving them. Although we were apart, lost contact, didn't see each other anymore and walking on a separate life now, I'm still thinking about them. I wish them happiness and successfulness in their life. Take care you all. :)

P/S : My final exams starts TOMORROW! WAKE UP ALAN!!!


Anonymous said...

pergh...byk clection

Alan Tsukasa said...

ape clection plak ni??
tu sume ex alan la haziqah~

arini_puteri krs said...

cm kenal je org yg tanye hang pasal love life tu kan.. hehehe ;) rini doakan alan akan berjumpe yang sempurna.. insyaallah.. tak sangka, simpan lg gmbr semua gmbr ex ko.. tahniah2.. jrg nampak ada org wat cmtu.. huhuhuh

Alan Tsukasa said...

adesss, ade org trase ke?
diam2 sudaaa~
ko pn same ye rini~

Amizatul Izzati Johari said...

Huihh, ramai gila siodd ! Hahah>:DD

Alan Tsukasa said...

ko bru tahu ke zati oii??

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