Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Birthday and A Condolence~

Yesterday was quite a happy and sorrow day. 'She' ym me last night, telling me that she missed me. For me, it's just too late, I'm sorry.

For my best friend, Noorsaifa Binti Saparjan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! :) May Allah bless you in everything you do and achieve in your life. Amin. Hope you will be happy always and get whatever you wanted in your life.

For my another best friend, Nur Zihanna Jamilah Binti Zainal, who lost her grandmother last night, I gave my condolence to her. It's hard to feel lost someone that really close to you. Al-Fatihah for her grandmother, hope she will be peace at the other world. Amin.

P/S : Too busy this week, attended many classes and teaching my fellow classmates for the final exam. =_="


|cah-sahaJa said...

epy besday too.. [can i..?]

takziah to ur fren.. :(

Alan Tsukasa said...

yes u can~
i'll pass it too her okay~

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