Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Six Days of Holiday~

I'm back guys! :) Anyone missed me? Err, I don't know that. Huhuhu~ Now I'm back at ADTEC, facing my final exam for this semester. Really tired today. I was too busy this whole holiday, from went back to my village for Aidiladha, to attended my convocation at Kuala Terengganu. What a holiday.

On the Aidiladha night, I'd arrived at Kuala Lumpur on midnight with my friend. My father picked my friend and I to went back to our village at Teluk Intan, Perak. My father used the PLUS Highway on that night. The traffic was okay that time until we arrived at Behrang. The traffic suddenly jammed. For two hours we were stuck in the traffic jam. Actually, the traffic jam caused by an accident at Slim River, a container truck smashed a car to rubbles. I felt really sad watching that accident. After that we continued our journey and arrived my village at five in the morning. On that morning, I'd went to the mosque for Aidiladha prayer but not so excited for that celebration cause my younger brother had some classes for his SPM. So we had to return back to KL on that day.

On Friday, my family departed from KL to Terengganu for my Graduation Day. We departed on ten in the morning but my younger brother didn't followed us because he had to go back to school for his class. So only five of us went to Terengganu. The traffic was clear and our journey runs smoothly. We stayed at Seri Malaysia Hotel in Marang. On the Graduation Day, we departed to the Islamic Civilization Garden at 6.45a.m. When we arrived there, there were already filled with many people that attending the Graduation. I quickly registered myself for the graduation and wore the robe for the graduation.

This were my graduation picture. Without them, I don't know how could achieved this level. Huhuhu~ Thanks a lot my dear father and mother! :)

P/S : At last, I'll be driving my Perdana now. Hehehe~ :)


|cah-sahaJa said...

graduation??? congratzzz.... :D

Alan Tsukasa said...

maceh icah~

|cah-sahaJa said...

x sabanye nk grad jugak.. :)

Alan Tsukasa said...

lepas hbs diploma nnt icah akan grad gak~
don't worry~
jgn lpe roger lalan taw~

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