Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Bowling Time!~

Today was a happening day. After a tiring day yesterday completing the works for the event next Monday, Nasrul, Salimah, Haslinda and me were participating in the Bowling Tournament that was held at The Summit, Batu Pahat. We were the only team from our class since everybody else were busy with other things and works. There were seven teams that participated in the tournament. The tournament started on 12 o'clock.

Each of us actually not really good in bowling except for Nasrul and because of that, many hilarious incident happened during the tournament. As for me, this was the first time in three years playing bowling since last time I'd played when I was in Form Six. Hahaha~ For the first run in the first frame, I've scored a strike! Wow! On that time I thought that my skills was still not rust. But when the second run on the same frame, I've scored NONE! Then for the other run, I've managed to score about four to eight points only. My runs were in chaos. Maybe the strike on the first run just a lucky one. Hehehe~ ;p Running on the second frame, I've starting to gaining my rhythm. I've never missed a scored on this frame and managed to score a strike two times.

As for Salimah, I think she is the humble one when she playing the bowling. That was because she threw the bowling ball really softly and gently! But what's amazingly about her playing, the bowling ball 90% accurately hit the pins! Although she just managed to get two strike, but she didn't even missed scoring! I'd really saluted her for the style she made on the tournament. Humble and gentle, but scoring is STILL scoring! Hehe~ ;p While for Haslinda, she really don't know how to bowl, she just threw the ball to the pins. At some point, she even threw the ball backwards to the crowd behind! Hehehe~ But she didn't gave up, she kept playing and progressing well in the second frame. She even managed to get two strike! Well done Haslinda. About Nasrul, he's the one that made the score for our team, he even managed to get about 5 strike on one frame! Wonderful play by him and also the highest scorer individual in the tournament. Congratulation! :)

At the end of the tournament, our team only managed to get the fourth place from seven teams. A good play by our team, thanks to Nasrul wonderful scoring. Hehehe~ Let's try again next time okay? On my way back to ADTEC, I founded many road signs that named with the name that I'm familiar before. Here is some pictures of it. 

For my friends that have a connection with these names, I miss you all! Hehehe~ When can we go hangout together like before again?? :)

P/S : Someone accidentally exposing my past stories to other peoples today. Yeah, it WAS YOUR FAULT!

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