Friday, November 26, 2010

Virtualize Your Desktop!~

Again, there was no exam for today. Arrrggghhhh! I hate waiting like this. :( As for my classmates, they were happy that they got a time to prepare for the exam since they haven't yet prepare to do any exam. But I just want to finish doing all the exam as soon as possible because I don't like the nervous feeling waiting for the exam. Huhuhu~

For the exam, my fellow classmates asked me to teach them about server. I could teach them but I don't know whether they can catch up to my teaching. I need three computers to teach them about server but I just had only one desktop. Do you want to know how I can get three computer in one desktop? Try type "VIRTUALBOX" at Google and try search for it. :)

Here is some snapshot for the virtualbox that I've been using in my desktop. Here I could manage three or more computers in one desktop, depending to how much the size of a desktop RAM. When I'm teaching server, I can use two servers and one client simultaneously in my desktop using this software. It will give the experience like using a real three computer that I want. So, it really useful to someone that want to use multiple operating system in one desktop safely. Try it for yourself, but make sure you have the ISO file of the operating system that you want to use. :)

Download the virtualbox software here :

P/S : I'd just realized that I haven't online Facebook for a month now. ;p

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