Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Preparation For The Event~

As the day of our class's event getting near, we make our preparation this week since no lecturer have class with us. Elai were busy with his Game Tournament, Amin still completing his presentation for the event and me making pass and banner. Our event theme is "Offensive Cybersecurity Conference - Digital Self Defense". There will be a conference and talk about cyber security from our local speaker and our own student. About the Game Tournament, we selected Counter Strike - Source as our type of game. Until today, we get about 15 team of five for the tournament! What a great response from our ADTEC students. Here are some picture of pass and banner that I've made of :- 

This is my design for our event pass.

This is my design for our event banner.

I'm hoping our event will be held smoothly and achieve our objective for this event. Good luck guys!~

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