Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Reason of A Smile~

Today should be my final exam, but for some reason, they delayed it to another day. Huhuhu~ So today we were having a Innovation Day at ADTEC Batu Pahat. There were some speech competition held for the Innovation Day. The winner was Nasrul. Congratulation my friend. :)

As for me, nothing much happened today. Just someone asked me, why many people always teased me, curse me, and even bullying me but I'm looking fine with all the things that they've done to me. Huhuhu~ It's hard for me to answer that because for all these times, I've endured all the insults from other people to me. So I've became familiar with it. Since I was in Form 1, many insulting, teasing and other things from many people I had to faced. At the beginning, I'm couldn't stand the insulting, making me mad always but slowly I became familiar with it.

That was because, one day after I've been insulted by some of my classmates, I felt SO angry with them. I want to make them pay for the insults, but suddenly someone told me something that's make me rethink my actions after being insults by other peoples. He told me to cool down and be patient. After that he asked me to smile and accept the insults. When I heard what he said, firstly I've became mad at him. Then he told me HOW the way to accept the insults.

The way to accept the insults and curses was firstly say thanks to the insulter. On that time, what he said, really made me rethink my actions towards those people who insulted me. After saying thanks, tell the insulter anything that making the insulter to become silent. Example, thanks for giving me more 'pahala' or I hope God will forgive you. :) Finally, after that just walk away from the scene leaving them behind. Using that way, those insulter will SHUT UP and felt angry instead of us. This way was called a Reversed Psychology, where we can reverse the psychological harassment on us to turn back to the people who caused it. Since then, I've tried it every time it happens to me and yeah, IT WORKS!

So if anyone of you did had this problem, you can try using this method to counter back the psychological harassment towards you and instead, it will make your heart feel relief instead of angry and mad at those people. The key is SMILE and PATIENT. Remember that! :)

P/S : Sometimes a gentle way will caused more impact than a Hard-boiled way. ;)


|cah-sahaJa said...

Yeah!! thats rite..!! me doink the same too..
icah just cakap "thanx" then senyum..!! :)

Alan Tsukasa said...

taw xpe~
the best word for the worst time~

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